1 Day Kigali Tour : Kigali is found at the center of Rwanda ,and it’s the capital city  .Rwanda lies few degree south of the equator and is a small land locked country found in  eastern  Africa, Bordering democratic  republic of Congo, Uganda in the North , Tanzania in the east and Burundi in the south. Kigali crosses numerous hills, valleys, ridges and various restaurants.  Rwanda is the 46th largest country covering a total area of 26, 798KM.  You can visit Rwanda any time but its best to be there in dry season. Tourism is the fastest growing and leading sector in Rwanda.

Day 1 city tour  can take 2-3 hours ,it includes; visiting Rwanda’s Kigali Genocide memorial Centre, Nyamata Church and Ntarama genocide memorial, Camp Kigali, Art Galleries in kigali, Inema arts center, Niyo arts center, local markets like Kimironko and Crafts Adventure Village Co-operative among others.

Rwanda’s Kigali genocide memorial centre; this place was established to honor, remberance and learning/ educating the visitors about the tragedy that happened. Its remembering the victims of the Genocide against the tutsi in Rwanda (The mass slaghter of over 800,000 Tutsi people. it has been 30 years since the 1914 genocide took place. This includes photograpy, videos, artfacts and written accounts that help visitors to understand what happened.

Art galleries and Museum ;  This is a good choice when visiting Kigali , its  more than an art gallery with an inspiring venue for sharing different forms of artistic expression from olden times to modern day  , traditional and modern imaginations . Art gallery offers a window into the vibrant and diverse artistic landscape , You find a care taker who will tell you everything about the museum how it seeks to provide an insight into the originality of Rwandan creativity.

Kimironko market ; This is a vibrant, famous and busiest market in Kigali town with four equal entrances where all sorts of items are available (Great deal on Rwandan clothing’s and food stuff). You can find handcraft souvenirs, colorful baskets, fabrics, best fresh farm produce and many more. This market helps people to earn a living.

1 Day Kigali Tour
Kimironko market

Nyamata church; this is a former church found south of Kigali in Rwanda that commemorates the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda where over ten thousand people were killed in the church . The whole floor of the church is covered by the pilles of Blood, all images are available as well.

Craft adventure village; This cooperative sells traditional hand goods Including , carving , woven baskets, shoes, clothes etc. It offers unique opportunity to see the creative side of Rwanda people

The above are some few of the attraction one has to see while in Kigali Rwanda

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