10 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Rwanda : Located at the center of East Africa, Rwanda is one of the most exciting tourist destinations. The Land of a Thousand Hills is actually the nickname of this beautiful country which is composed of amazing terrains, colorful culture and astonishing animals. Ten key considerations before setting off for your Rwanda Safari adventure to have it as memorable African experience.

Rwanda's Unique History
  1. The Rwandan Renaissance: A Remarkable Comeback

The tragic story of the 1994 genocide took place against the backdrop of the amazing recovery process after that period and subsequent fast development of the country. Rwanda is a clear example of such recovery. The nation has changed into a secure haven where tourists are welcomed warmly.

  1. The Charm of Kigali

You should start with Kigali as it is the vibrant capital of Rwanda with both culture and modern world. Slick-looking buildings are mixed with trendy coffee houses and colourful street vendors in the cityscape . Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial to appreciate how Rwandans survived through one of the darkest pages in its history as they seek closure on their past tragedy as they move forward for recovery.

  1. Gorilla Trekking:

Gorilla trekking is among the most exciting things to do while visiting Rwanda at the Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. This is a home of endangered mountain gorillas, an opportunity to have a close encounter with a great creature. Booking in advance is highly recommended as permits are very limited and one is most likely to experience some of the best sites in nature that will leave them baffled.r

  1. Akagera National Park

The richness in the wild biodiversity makes the Akagera National Park a paradise for lovers of the wild. Go on a  Rwanda wildlife  Safari and see the Big 5 Animals like lions, elephants, rhinos and other animals in the beautiful savannahs and shining lakes. The safari drives around here present a daring look at the African jungles.

  1. Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is located next to verdant hills and provides peace seekers with solace. It is a huge freshwater lake that avails such activities as boating, kayak, and its shores are good relaxation points. Take a stroll near the hot springs found near the lake and get into the therapeutic water as you relish the scenic view of the lake and the surrounding greenery.

  1. Rwandan Cuisine:

The cuisines in Rwanda are blissfully intermixed and reflect what this land has for food production. Enjoy local meals such as “Ugali,” a staple consisting of ground maize flour, and “Isombe”, an appetizing sauce made out of cassava leaves. Rwandans love offering guests something to eat and drink, so you should have a few meals with local hosts in order to taste real Rwandan cuisine.

  1. Rwandan Arts and Crafts:

Traditional art in Rwanda is varied from colorful woven materials to fine clayware. Go to nearby markets as well as cooperative centers to appreciate the work done by the Rwandan artists. They include the Agaseke hand woven basket which is very popular and signifies unity and harmony in the Rwandan culture

10 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Rwanda
Arts Centre
  1. Unique festivals and traditions of Rwanda

Be part of the Rwandan tradition by taking part in their different festivities. The Intore dance which is an indigenous dance in Rwanda is a fascinating combination of dexterity and beat. Partake in the naming of baby gorillas within the context of Kwita Izina, which is an event that showcases conservation efforts aimed towards safeguarding these magnificent animals.

  1. Language and Etiquette:

English is widely spoken though a little bit of Kinyarwanda phrases may make you feel at home within the country and you relate easily with natives. In the context of cultural diversity, Rwandans place great importance on respect and politeness and thus, a warm smile and couple of words said in their native language may play a major role in fostering effective communication.

  1. Responsible Tourism:

The country has shown Rwanda’s commitment in implementing sustainable tourism through its conservation programs and community based approaches. Promote good environmental ethics when travelling such as patronizing the local entrepreneurs, respecting the wildlife and nature, donating to village projects among others. Finally, touring in eco-lodges and practicing green behavior during your trip will serve as additional measures that help make sure that you leave behind an impact for good on this enticing part of the world.

Finally, the country welcomes the visitor on an unbelievable experience that combines history with the present and nature gives the greatest marvels. Equipped with these ten insights, you are ready for your Odyssey in Rwanda. While taking the hilly trails, encountering wildlife, enjoying different delicacies and interacting with friendly Rwandan people, it is inevitable that you could fall in love with this amazing country. Therefore, head out to Rwandan culture and discover the mysteries of the country of thousand hills.

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