2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu : In western Rwanda Along the border with the democratic republic of Congo lies lake kivu, Rwanda’s largest fresh water lake that supply almost three thirds of the country with fresh water and the third deepest of the great lakes of Africa. There are a number of fresh water bodies in the country like Akagera river that you can see when you take part in the activities in Akagera national park, the twin lakes of Rwanda lake Ruhondo and lake Burera that can be seen when tourists hike the Virunga mountains in Rwanda for instance mount muhabura, mount gahinga, mount sabyinyo, mount bisoke, mount karisimbi that will give you exceptional views of the lake and also a number of attractions as well.

You can also get to visit lake Ihema and participate in the boat cruise on lake Ihema which will give you the chance to see a number of rewarding attraction in Akagera national park like the big five animals in Rwanda, a number of bird species like the shoe bill stork where you will also get to understand the facts about the shoebill stork an interesting bird species with a bill that looks like a shoe. With all the waterbodies in Rwanda, lake kivu will give you the most rewarding adventure because there’s a lot of things to do and attractions to see when you take part in the 2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu and these include:


With the help of an experienced kayak leader, you will make your way to the lake and kayak your way from the lake shores which will give you the most thrilling adventure engaging with the environment, the clear blue waters will make you have  the most calming and therapeutic adventure as you explore the different inlets, bays, you will get to see the spectacular scenery and if you’re lucky enough, you will get to see the African king fishers catching fish from the lake, you will also get to see the fishermen trying to catch fish with their beautiful wide smiles that will make you feel at a home, you can engage and interact with them because they are among the friendliest people you’ll ever meet in the world. You can also participate in a number of sports like beach volley ball with a number of beaches that can be seen along the shores of lake kivu, unwind and have fun visiting the different beaches and mingling with the local people as they get to tell you stories of their daily lives that are quite informative and entertaining.

Sport fishing

Among the mostly anticipate 2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu , sport fishing has attracted a number of tourists to take part in it for rewarding Rwanda safaris. the lake is home to about 30 fish types that can be seen when you participate in sport fishing some of the different fish species that can be seen include the red breast tilapia, blue-spotted tilapia, Nile tilapia, long fin tilapia, Lake Tanganyika sardines and many other fish types that you can get to take back to your hotel as a reward for the participation in activity. While taking part in the activity, you will have the chance to see the local fishermen that are used to the activity catching large sums of fish, you will also interact with them as you also get to observe how they interact with one another as they wait patiently for the fish to fill their nets.

2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu
Spot Fishing in Rwanda


Among the top destinations for birding in Rwanda, lake kivu will give you chance to see a number of water birds as you participate in the different 2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu like the boat cruise, as you walk along the shores and among the bird species that can be seen include; White-breasted Cormorants, Pied Kingfishers, Osprey, Double-tooth Barbet, Yellow-bellied Waxbill, the African king fishers, the African wood pecker, knobs billed duck, white faced whistling duck, yellow billed stork, sacred ibis, the Hadada ibis Common Waxbill spotted Yellow-throated Greenbul, Speckled Pigeons, Chin-spot Batis, Ashy Flycatcher Familiar Chat, Brown-throated Wattle-eye and Spot-flanked Barbet and many other bird species for a memorable experience.

2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu
Bird Watching Safaris in Rwanda


Lake Kivu is a fresh water lake with clean bilharzias free waters which makes it safe for swimming therefore while you get tanned at the shores of the lake and after the long walks along the shores, you can swim in the waters and you won’t have to worry of getting any diseases because the waters are quite fresh and at the different beaches along the shores, you will be monitored by life guards who will help you in case anything goes wrong while swimming making quite comfortable and memorable.

 Visiting islands

Visit the islands on lake kivu with an interesting history as part of the memorable activities on lake kivu that will open up a variety of rewarding attractions during your Rwanda safari tour. Visit the Nyamirundi Island where you will a large coffee plantation which has one of the finest coffee in the world. During your trips along the coffee plantations, you will understand how the coffee is made the harvesting process, how it is sorted, dried ground and packaged for exportation, you will also get to taste a cup of coffee to make your safari quite memorable as you sip one of the most organic coffees in the world with no additives hence making your 2021-2022 Activities on Lake Kivu quite memorable.

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