Activities in Kanyonza City : Kayonza city in Rwanda is among the most rewarding cities in the country that you can visit to ensure that you have the most rewarding safari experience when you visit the land of 1000 hills. Although Kayonza is a small town in Kayonza district in Rwanda, there are a number of activities that can be carried out to introduce a new side of Rwanda in one of the overlooked cities in the country and you will be surprised of how much potential the city has which is why you should not miss out on travelling to that city to enjoy a number of rewarding tourism adventures. Some of the different activities in Kayonza city that will make your Rwanda tour quite memorable include;

Visit Akagera national park

You cannot visit Kayonza city and fail to visit Akagera national park one of the most popular national parks in Rwanda where tourists will have the utmost safari experience in the country. The park will give you the opportunity to observe a number of wildlife species when you participate in the different activities in Akagera national park thus Activities in Kanyonza City. while in Kayonza, when you make your way to Akagera national park, you should consider participating in tracking the big five animals like the lions, leopards, the rhinos, buffaloes and the elephants this is because you can only find the big five animals in Rwanda in only Akagera national park, therefore visit the park in order not to miss out on the memorable adventure of tracking the big five animals in Rwanda.

Activities in Kanyonza City
Game drives in Akagera

You can also participate in the game drives in Rwanda which will give you the opportunity to watch a number of animal and bird species like; the impala, oribi, Uganda kobs, the elephants, gazelles, the elephants, you will get to see a number of water birds as you participate in sport fishing in Rwanda, the boat cruise on lake Ihema which will also give you the chance to see the endangered shoe bill stork which will give you the opportunity to understand the different facts about the shoe bill stork which  involves them  standing motionless with one another, you will also get to hear the sound the bird makes which sounds like the machine gun which is quite fascinating.

Biking experience

In Kayonza district in Rwanda, you can also participate in biking around Akagera village which will give you the opportunity to visit the different villages around Akagera national park as you interact with the locals for an amazing experience during your Rwanda tour. The people of Rwanda are quite hospital and once you visit the villages around Akagera national park, you will get to see and visit the different homesteads that will give you an insight of how the people of Rwanda carry out their daily activities in the park like; you will see how they carry out small scale agriculture, you will also get the opportunity to visit the different homesteads where you will be taught how to carry out the different basic activities like cooking the different traditional  dishes and if you’re interested, you will get the opportunity to taste the food which is quite amazing to feast on.

Visit tea plantations

You cannot visit Kayonza and fail to participate in visiting the different tea plantations/ estates in Kayonza, Rwanda which will give you an insight of the agricultural side of Rwanda. It should be noted that Rwanda is known for being an agricultural country that depends on agriculture and among the different backbones of the country are coffee and tea which can be seen along the rolling hills of Rwanda thus Activities in Kanyonza City.

Activities in Kanyonza City
Tea Plantations in Rwanda

While visiting Kayonza, you should visit the tea plantations in the park which will give you the opportunity to take trips around the tea plantations and estates which will give you the chance to understand a number of ways how tea is grown and its benefits. You will also have the chance to see how tea is grown, you will also get the chance to harvest the tea and at the end of your Rwanda safari, you will get to taste one of the most organic tea in the world that has won a number of prestigious awards in the world which has a number of health benefits that will make your safari quite memorable among other rewarding activities in Kayonza city.

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