Activities To Carry Out In Rwanda On A Budget : Visiting Rwanda will give you the opportunity to watch a number of different attractions making your way to a number of different destinations that will lead you to some of the hidden gems of the country from the big five animals in Rwanda, the rolling hills of Rwanda, the culture of Rwanda and many other attractions. A number of travellers that make their way to the country are concerned about the high prices for a number of activities in the country however in this article we shall help you discover a number of different activities to carry out in Rwanda on budget and also have the most rewarding safari experience for a memorable.

One day Akagera safari

As part of the activities that you can participate in Rwanda on a budget, take part in the 1 day Akagera safari which will give you the most rewarding safari experience. for less than 1000$ you can have an amazing Safari visiting the park to track the big five animals for a day and also get to participate in the boat cruise on Lake Ihema.

For a one day safari in Akagera national park from Kigali will lead you to the big five animals in Rwanda the lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and the buffaloes that can be seen when you participate in the full day game drive in the park  which starts as early as 6:30 am therefore you should wake up very early in the morning to make it in time to watch the species as the come out of the hiding spots to catch their first bite of the day animals especially the herbivores you will also get to watch the carnivores as they catch their prey for an amazing experience.

Interesting about your 1 day Akagera national park safari, you can also participate in two activities during the safari experience like the game drive and the boat cruise which will give you access to the different bird species like; African Darter, African Wattled Lapwing, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Common Squacco Heron, Crowned Lap wing, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Great Egret and many other attractions. As you watch the sunset while taking part in the boat ride in the wild for an amazing safari experience.

Kigali city tour

Another tour that you should embark on for an affordable safari experience in Rwanda is the Kigali city tour which will lead you to a number of different attractions in the city like the Kigali genocide memorial museum which will give you the opportunity to understand more about the unfortunate 1994 Rwanda genocide where a number of people were killed. When you make your way to the memorial museum you will watch confessions from the people that carried out mass killings, you will also get to watch the victims that were killed on different recordings however interesting about the activity is the fact that you will get to watch how far the country has come to become the safe country to visit in Africa for a memorable safari experience. Interesting about the safari is the fact that visiting the museum is free for travellers to visit.

Kimironko market

You can make your way to the kimironko market which is also free of charge to visit and while you participate in the market tour, you will have the opportunity to watch the culture of the people of Rwanda as you observe a number the culture of the people of Rwanda through trade, you can buy a number of organic fruits, you can also engage with the local people, buy a number of cultural attires and many other rewarding features.

Activities To Carry Out In Rwanda On A Budget
kimironko market

Cultural tours

You can also participate in the cultural tours in Rwanda as part of the activities in Rwanda on a budget which will also help you understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda for a memorable safari experience. Among the different cultural tours that you can visit include; the Humure refugee village, ibyi’wacu cultural village and many other rewarding cultural villages. You can visit a cultural village for as low as 25usd.

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