Akagera National Park fees 2023 : Akagera national park is famous for housing the big five animals in Rwanda but when you get to the park, you will get to realise that there’s more to the park than just the big five animals in Rwanda by participating in a number of activities in Akagera National Park. Among the notable activities that you can participate in Akagera national Park include the boat cruise on Lake Ihema which will lead you to the beautiful sunset, while participating in the activity, you will get the opportunity to watch a number of herbivores like the ellands, bushbucks, gazelles, elephants quenching their thirst from the river banks.

While participating in the game drives in Akagera, you will also have the chance to track the big five animals in Rwanda, you will also get to watch the carnivores during the evening game drives which will give you the chance to observe a number of lions, leopards and many others catching their prey and many other rewarding attractions. In the park, you can also participate in birding in Rwanda which will lead you a number of bird species making the park one of the top destinations for birding in Rwanda and among the different bird species that can be seen include; African Darter, African Wattled Lapwing, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Common Squacco Heron, Crowned Lap wing, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Great Egret, White-breasted Cormorants, Pied Kingfishers, Osprey, Double-tooth Barbet, Yellow-bellied Waxbill, Familiar Chat, Brown-throated Wattle-eye and Spot-flanked Barbet.

Akagera National Park fees 2023
Game drives in Akagera National Park

For a traveller to participate in the different activities in Akagera National Park, they will have to pay the different prices for the different activities in the park to ensure that you have an amazing safari experience in Rwanda and with these prices, we shall help you make the necessary safari bookings to help you make the perfect itinerary for your safari in the park,Akagera National Park fees 2023 .

Entry fee/self-driven permit Details 1 day/night 2nights 3 nights
Rwandan/EAC Citizen  

Per person

16 15000 24 22,500 32 30,000
Rwandan/EAC citizen 50   75   100  
International visitor 100   150   200  
Rwandan/EAC Citizen 6-12 11 10,000 16 15,000 21 20,000
Rwandan/EACResident6-12 30   45   60  
International Visitor 6-12 50   75   100  

Children 5 years and below will not pay park entrance fees and beyond 3 nights travellers will not pay any park entry fees.

Other fees Details USD
  Vehicle/minibus(Rwandan/EAC registered 10
Vehicle fees Omnibus/bus/over lander (Rwa/EAC reg) 20
Vehicle/Minibus(Foreign registered) 40
Omnibus/bus/overlander()Foreign reg 100

Guides (Park and Community (Freelance) USD
Guide for self drive game drive Per guide ½ day 25
Guide for self drive game drivw Per guide full day 40
Night game drive Pp/2.5hrs/vehicle, driver, guide/min 2 max 7 40
Fishing Pp per day (own equipment) 25
Boat trip scheduled morning/day Price pp/1hrs/max.11pax 35
Boat trip scheduled sunset trip Price pp/1hrs/max.11pax 45
Boat trip non- scheduled- private Per boat/1hrs/max.11pax 180
Camping Price pp/night 25

Behind the scenes tour Price pp/min 4 pax/1.5hrs 25 15
Group rate for 8+ pax/1.5 hrs 180  
Game drive(AMC operated ½ day max 5 hrs/vehicle, driver, guide/ max 7 180  
Walk the line 7km walk along the fence/min 3 approx. 2 hrs 30 20
Community cultural experiences Various activities offered half day/min 3 pax 30 20
Other fees      
Tent hire Per6- man(3mx3m) canvas tent(south sites) 20  
Recovery fee Break down or assistance from park 70  
Recovery fee coasters Break down or assistance from park 150
Landing fees Per landing within Akagera 50
Fines For breaking any park rules 150

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