Batwa Trail Experience : The Batwa trail experience in Uganda is among the different activities that you can embark on if you’re interested in participating in the cultural tours in Uganda that will lead them to a number of interesting cultural groups in the country for a memorable Uganda safari. The Batwa trail experience will lead you to volcanoes national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park. The Batwa were evicted from the forests in the early 30’ however in the 90’s that’s when the major evictions started and eventually they were able to leave the country and they were able to settle outside the park in a number of different communities that travellers that can be seen as they participate in visiting their different communities to have a memorable safari experience to observing how they go about their lives after their eviction.

Batwa Trail Experience

The Batwa were evicted from the echuya forests now known as Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga because they were believed to be poachers since they depended on the forest products for survival and because of the need to ensure sustainability in the parks they evicted the Batwa from the park to avoid the increase of the poaching activities.  It should be noted that the Batwa were made to abandon their ways of living and later trying to adopt new ways of living. There have been a number of efforts by the government in partnership with the different international and local organizations to aid in the smoot transitions however this has been a very hard process because of the fact that they had to give up their normal ways.

In the course of the transitions, there have been a number of challenges like the fact that the people no longer had free products so they had to toil to obtain a number of necessities and basic needs like food that they had to grow, a number of diseases like mental illness due to the eviction that led them to lose their sense of belonging and so on but with the different rehabilitation courses by the government to ensure that the Batwa are able adapt fully to their new lives the new Batwa communities in with other different communities on the wild.

For a number of travellers interested in understanding more about the Batwa people, you can visit the Batwa communities in both Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park to participate in the Batwa trail experience and this article we are going to help you explore the Batwa community for an amazing safari experience. The Batwa trail experience aims at empowering the Batwa socially and economically with visiting the community will ensure you have an amazing cultural tours in Uganda.

Batwa Trail Experience
Batwa Trail Experience In Mgahinga

The trail in Uganda will lead you to a 5 hour experience led by the Batwa guides who will lead you to the community that you will get to observe to a certain period of time. The activity starts with a spiritual prayer which is done on both knees on the ground to ensure that travellers have a safe safari experience while heading to the community. After the prayer, you will then make your way to the slopes of mount gahinga and muhabura for the Batwa trail in Mgahinga national park and the outside Bwindi impenetrable national park in the communities around the park.

At the communities, you will be entertained by their different cultural dances, you will get to see how they used different herbs to cure a number of diseases like upset stomach, bareness, fever and so on. You will also be taught how they cook a number of traditional dishes, you will also be shown how to harvest honey, build their huts, make fire, you will also get to watch their different pottery skills and also get to buy some of their master pieces as souvenirs.

Throughout the trail you will get narrations from the Batwa and their life in the forest which since they miss it a lot however you will get to see how they have adjusted to their life outside of the park. you will get to explore the garamba caves which were sacred because they were the kin’s palace and the main food storage for the Batwa people.

’’By booking your Batwa trail experience with us we shall lead you to one of the most rewarding cultural groups that will help you explore the different aspects of the formerly forest people.’’

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