Best time to visit Africa

Best time to visit Africa: Have you been planning or admired to come to Africa but have not decided when or which months are great for booking yourself a tour. The most asked question as you plan to book a tour is if it is the best time to visit basing on a number of factors like if the weather is favorable for the activity you are interested in, if it is safe, if the rates are favorable to mention but a few. You should check with a person on ground about the possibilities before you even book your flights and accommodation or even read on the internet basing on the time or month you want to travel in. This will surely help you plan properly and avoid extra expense or surprises once you reach the destination

Best time to visit Africa

Factors governing whether it is the best time to take on a safari in Africa all depend on your interests and that is why that question is a tough one however that doesn’t limit the possibility of an answer. Africa is one of the most diverse tour destinations with a rich continent with hot tourism points. For East Africa, the biggest pull factor is the mountain gorillas that can be visited in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Big 5 that you can spot in the several wildlife parks of these countries. 

If you are looking at a game drive in one of the wildlife parks, you will need to know if they are the migratory species, if they are not then chances of seeing them is high as they will always be in the park only how hard to spot them or how easy it is to spot them will be the challenge and this all depends on the season based on the weather. Animals are wild which makes them unpredictable as well as weather is unpredictable so being as flexible as possible will be great for your safari. 

When planning a safari, you will definitely have expectations and these same expectations will determine if you will consider it a successful trip or not. By making ample research, you will manage these expectations and enjoy your safari. 

There are three seasons for safaris in Africa that you should consider when planning a trip to any country in Africa. This is the dry season, the rainy season and the shoulder season. The shoulder season or commonly known as the mid-season period are the months in between the rainy season and dry season as the seasons transition. If you are planning on spending over a month on a safari, you will most likely experience different seasons depending on the country however every country’s weather varies from other country even if they are in the same region. As a traveller, all these seasons favor and disfavor your tour, let us analyze the 3 seasons so that you can make a decision on when is most favorable to travel.

The Dry season in Africa is often experienced in the winter times of the west world but note that Uganda’s dry season may be different from Rwanda’s dry season so be sure to check out the months that fall in the dry season. The major positive thing about the Dry season is that it is easier to spot wildlife and also easy to pass through the forest on the forest treks. The vegetation in this season is usually dry and not as thick so it is easier to see the animals on your game drive also the water resources are limited so the animals will be easier to find as they will gather to drink water from the few available spots. Walking through the forests in the tricky terrain is easier during the dry season as the ground is dry not muddy making it difficult to navigate through the forest. It is an experience but one you can afford to miss.

The dry season is a great time to travel also because of the temperatures that don’t favor insects meaning less mosquitoes and this is a big issue in areas that have high mosquito concentration. The warm African temperatures of the dry season are more favorable to stay in as compared to the winter season.

The dry season however has other disadvantages of opting to travel in the dry season for example the traffic the tour destinations have during this season. The dry season can be crowded as a number of people are opting to travel which may not let you enjoy your destination as much if you were fewer people. You may find yourself waiting in a queue for activities, missing out on booking the hotel of choice. The dust of the dry season is bound to become an issue as African roads are not all tarmacked also the undisturbed nature of the national parks will raise dust on the game drives. Rates of several services are much higher in this season due to the high demand so if you opt to travel then, you may find yourself paying much higher for a safari you could have booked at a more affordable price.

Opting to travel in the rainy season is rare however there are a number of advantages to this. Rains pour at any time of the day on your safari so you should pack appropriate wear to avoid surprises or unnecessary expenses. The rainy season is often the calving season for animals so there is a chance of watching a new born being born and with the high rate of calving, predators are always on the watch so there is action to look forward to while on your game drives. 

The rainy season is also a great time to take photos of the skies changes with landscapes as backdrops with rich colors. The bird watching experience in this season is memorable as there are a number of birds that you will be able to spot as the flowers are blooming attracting the birds. Another advantage of travelling during the rainy season is the fact that there are less travellers so places are not as crowded and you get to enjoy the attraction also the lodges and activities usually have lower rates and a number of promotions that you get to enjoy yet saving money.

With all those advantages, there are a number of challenges associated with travelling in the rainy season for example the arranging of logistics can be tricky in the rainy seasons as river banks may burst or some places may get flooded which may lead to cars getting stuck in the muds. The vegetation is also fully blown and thick which may block your views at some point making you miss some animals on your game drives. This is also a breeding season for insects so expect many mosquitoes in those areas considered high risk malaria areas. 

If you opt to travel in the rainy season, ensure to carry your mosquito repellants and sleep under a treated mosquito net at all nights. Some hotels tend to be out of service during the rainy season so if you are interested in one, you may miss out on it.

The shoulder season is a very unpredictable one as you will get to experience each of these season and this is usually noticed by the travellers who will be on long haul tours. When the dry season is entering the rainy season, the beauty is indescribable and worth experiencing. You can opt to travel in this season to be before the large crowds of the high season.

Get to identify the seasons of the country you are interested in visiting and then you can decide basing on the pros and cons which season is more favorable for you. This means the best time to visit African countries all depends on your interest and what is more manageable. The destinations are still ideal whichever season you opt for as there is an advantage to either of the season and that is what adventure is. Book with us your safari to Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya and Tanzania and let us advise according to your interests.

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