Budget Safaris In Rwanda : To a number of travellers that visit the Rwanda, many people believe that Rwanda is a one of the most expensive countries you can visit in Africa and this is quite true however this does not mean that travellers on a budget cannot participate in a number of activities for an amazing safari experience. In this article, we shall help you discover a number of destinations in the country that you can visit at a budget for an amazing safari experience. Important to note while choosing your budget safaris in Rwanda is to use as little money and this can be achieved if you choose to visit a number of sites that are free of charge for travellers and the destinations where the prices are not high. Among the different destinations that you can visit include;

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A number of travellers that visit the country still associate Rwanda to the 1994 Rwanda genocide but now the country is thriving but for travellers interested in understands more about the events that led to the 1994 Rwanda genocide which will lead you to a number of genocide memorial sites but one that you should not miss out on visiting is the Kigali genocide memorial museum which is a free of charge for every traveler that makes their way to it. There are a number of exhibition areas in the site that will help you understand more about the causes of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. While participating in the activity you will get to watch confessions from the now reformed mass killers, you will also have the chance to watch the children exhibition area where a number of children were killed and many other display areas where you will get to understand more about the unfortunate events in the country.

As compared to a number of activities in the country, the cultural tours are quite cheap where a traveller can visit and understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda as you enjoy the different cultural values of the people for an amazing safar i experience. Among the different cultural villages that you can visit include the ibyi’wacu cultural village, you can also visit the Humure refugee camp a group of refugees from Tanzania that settled in the country after the Tanzanian crisis which led to the death of a number of people hence leading to a number of people fleeing the country, when you get to the refugee village, you will observe how they have infused the Rwandan culture together with theirs making it one of the most notable cultural villages to visit for a memorable safari experience.

You can visit the kimironko market as part of your budget safaris in Rwanda which will lead you to some of the cheapest souvenirs in the country which go for less than a dollar which are among the items you can visit in the country; you will also get to observe the culture of the different vendors from different countries as you enjoy

Budget Safaris In Rwanda
Budget Safaris In Rwanda

Instead of opting for high end hotels for overnight stay as you participate in a number of activities, you should consider visiting cheaper places like lodges for backpackers like the peponi living spaces whose prices are low compared to a number of hotels that are focused on providing accommodation to high end travellers.

Another travel tip for travellers interested in budget safaris in Rwanda is choosing to participate in group safaris instead of participating in the activities solo, this will help to cut down the prices spent to take part in the activity. Activities like chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, Nyungwe national park starting first January 2023, travellers will be expected to join a group to participate in the activity and where by a traveller is alone, they will have to pay the amount for two people instead hence increasing the amount of money to be paid.

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