Facts About Nyungwe Forest National Park : Nyungwe forest national park is the primate hub of Rwanda where you will get to see a number of primate species like the chimpanzees which are the dominant primates in the park. if you’re looking for a destination in Rwanda to ensure you have the most rewarding Rwanda safari, the park is the place to be and here are some of the facts about Nyungwe forest national park that will attract you to visit the park to have the most memorable experience.

Only place in Rwanda you can find the chimpanzees

If you’re interested in watching the primates in the wild, Nyungwe forest national park is the place to visit because the park is home to over 1000 chimpanzees that can be seen when they participate in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park. the activity will give you the chance to see the habituated chimpanzee troops in either Nyungwe forest or cyamudongo forest. Once you get to the habituated chimpanzee troops in the park you will spend one hour with the primates observing the different behaviour of the primates in the wild like how they co-exist with one another, their feeding patterns, you will get to hear how they communicate with one another for instance you will hear them hooting, clapping, slapping the ground among other ways of communication which will give you the chance to understand more about their behaviour in the wild with the help of a knowledgeable guide who will give you all the necessary information concerning the chimpanzees in the wild for an amazing experience that can be seen during the primate safaris in Rwanda.

Facts About Nyungwe Forest National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe

 Has the largest population of monkeys

The park is home to largest population of monkeys in the wild with 400 monkeys that can be seen, it should be noted that there are different monkey species that can be seen in the park for instance the vervet monkey, Mona monkey, black and white colobus monkey, dent’s monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, silver monkeys and many other monkey species however it should also be noted that in the park, you will not only get the chance to see the monkeys but also get to see a number of different primate species in the park because the park is home to 13 primate species which makes Nyungwe the most memorable experience in the park. it is also believed that Nyungwe contributes 25% to the world’s monkey percentage because it is among the African countries with the largest group of monkeys in the wild.

Biggest marsh land in Rwanda

Nyungwe is the home to the biggest marsh land in Rwanda kamiranzovu swamp, which can be accessed when you hike the different trails in Nyungwe forest national park. while participating in hiking the kamiranzovu trail which will give you access to the kamiranzovu swamp. The swamp has a rich history to it, the kamiranzovu swamp is believed to have been the cause of death to a number of elephants in the park through drowning with the evidence of a number of elephant remains that can be seen on the start of the trail. As you hike to the marshland, you will get to see a number rewarding attractions like the primate species, numerous bird species like ….. that make the park quite a rewarding tourist attraction in Rwanda.

Longest canopy walkway

Another interesting fact about Nyungwe forest national park is the fact that it’s the first and the longest walk way in east Africa and it comes third in Africa which is 70 meters in height from the ground that can be seen when you participate in the canopy walk in Rwanda. The activity in the park will give you the chance to watch a number of attractions in the park from an aerial view in the park. as you make your way along the canopy walk way, you will have the chance to see the chimpanzees in the park swinging from one tree branch to another, a number animal species in the park, numerous bird species can be seen lining along the metal rod which make the activity quite memorable

Facts About Nyungwe Forest National Park
Canopy walks in Nyungwe

10% of the income earned goes to the locals

It should be noted that 10 percent of the income that is got from the park entrance fees and the activities in Nyungwe national park, the 10% is used to help the people in the community and this has been done by constructing a number of health centres, providing clean running water for the people in the community, schools have been constructed to make sure that the locals are able to get a decent living from tourism. On your next visit in Rwanda, participate in a number of activities in Nyungwe national park which guarantees the improvement of the local’s well-being. Tourism for improved livelihoods.

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