How Difficult is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda? : Gorilla trekking in Rwanda will give you the opportunity to see the endangered mountain gorillas which are among the top tourist attractions in Rwanda and one of the main reasons why people visit the country.  It should be noted that Rwanda is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas that can be seen when you take part in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park for rewarding and memorable Rwanda safari tour. For tourists interested in taking part in the activity they should not be blind-sided by the fact that the activity is among the most fascinating and most rewarding because with it comes with so much difficulty trekking through the different terrain and a number of challenges in order to make it to the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda.

Getting to the habituated gorilla families.

Volcanoes national park is among the top places to visit in Rwanda for travellers interested in having the most rewarding gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda and during the transfer to the different gorilla families, it will involve tourists hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda namely mount muhabura, mount sabyinyo, mount karisimbi, mount bisoke and mount gahinga where you will access the families within the high elevations along the mountains.

While hiking through the Virunga mountains, you will hike through difficult terrain, thick vegetation with no defined trails for trekking and during the activity don’t be alarmed when you see a guide using his machete to clear the paths for tracking the gorillas this is because the areas they settle in have thick vegetation. You will also have to deal with a number of insects whose bites can cause irritation therefore as you make your packing list for Rwanda gorilla trekking 2021, you should consider packing insect repellent to avoid a number of insect bites.

Notable about the difficulty of gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the fact that the hike to the habituated gorilla families can take about 2-6 hours which involves you hiking through the thick and impenetrable slippery vegetation and for first time hikers it is quite difficult and the ease to locate the gorillas depends on a number of factors which may include food availability this is because gorillas limit their movements when there is plenty of food. During food scarcity they can move up to 1000 meters in search of food making it quite difficult to allocate them but regardless of their movements, you will definitely see the gorillas because a team of rangers first tracks locate where they are and give you the chance to trek them so that you don’t miss out on the beautiful adventure.

How Difficult is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda?
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Level of fitness you should be for gorilla trekking

Because gorilla trekking in Rwanda is quite a challenging you should have a level of fitness in order to participate in the challenging activity. The activity involves hiking through thick forests, hills, valleys to access the gorilla families and this can take you between 2-6 hours which can be exhausting while hiking to the top of the mountain which can be quite difficult for first time hikers or for the unfit but because the activity is quite flexible for anyone interesting in taking part in it including the unfit, you can hire a porter at a small amount of money who will help you carry your luggage or filming equipment  to have  a comfortable experience in the park you will also be given walking sticks to aid with hiking through the impenetrable vegetation.

Tips for gorilla trekking

For the best travel tips for gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you should limit the luggage you come with on your gorilla trekking safari in the park because even the smallest luggage during the hike to the different gorilla families can be heavy as you make way to the high altitudes of the mountains.

You should mentally get ready for the hike before participating in order not to get any surprises some of the things you can do include stretching which will help improve mobility, a few weeks prior to your Rwanda safari, you should consider taking long distance walks so as to be ready for the main experience which involves hiking for hours to get to the different gorilla groups in the park. As you make your way to the gorillas, you will get to understand more about their behaviour in the wild for instance, 8 facts about mountain gorillas in Rwanda which may include that they are 10 times stronger than humans, is gorilla trekking in Rwanda safe, you will also get to know a number of features like are gorillas dangerous for travellers interested in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park 2022;

Wear the right hiking gear which will help you to hike through the forests in the easiest and most comfortable way, the perfect hiking shoes should be work to avoid you from lagging behind. Therefore it is right to say the level of difficulty of gorilla trekking in Rwanda is dependant to the overall fitness of the hikers which can either slow or make the activity fast but despite of all this the park guide and ranger will move on your pace to ensure you have the most comfortable gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda

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