How Do Mountain Gorillas Adapt to the Environment? How do gorillas adapt to their environment to ensure that they live comfortably in the environments that settle in? there are a number of factors that have made the gorillas to adapt to the environment they settle in given the fact that there a number of physical attributes and a number of ways how they conduct themselves that have enabled to adapt to their environment. The mountain gorillas in Africa can be found along the Virunga mountains that is in volcanoes national park in Rwanda for breathtaking while on Rwanda Safari Tour, Virunga national park and volcanoes national park where you will access the habituated gorilla along the slopes of the Virunga mountains.

It should be noted that the mountain gorillas to be where they are right now is because of the help of Dian Fossey an American primatologist who focused part of her life trying to study the species in the wild habituating them and carrying out a lot of research which included how the gorillas react to men, she was able to understand the fact that although the gorillas are tall and intimidating, they are quite gentle species that like being in quiet areas, she was also able to find out how the mountain gorillas adapt to the environment making the quite comfortable In the high altitudes they settle in.

The mountain gorillas are able to adapt to the coldness because they are found in high elevations between 8000ft-13000ft and this is possible for them to live in such conditions without getting diseases like pneumonia, cold flu  because of their thick fur that help to generate heat and also  help to avoid getting insect bites though some insects can penetrate through the fur this is one of the reasons why gorillas construct different nests every night for overnight stay in order to avoid the insects breeding in the bedding thus leading to discomfort.

The gorillas can easily communicate with one another by adapting to socializing by use of body language and vocalization which is one of the major forms of communication which will help you understand their needs, desires, emotions and grunts. When the adult females are ready for mating with the silver back, they will smack their lips, they with them will slap their ground as a way of enticing the male into having sexual intercourse with them. The gorillas when they are under tension and are angry, you will get to hear the gorillas making grunts, loud hoots, thumping the group, beating their chests loudly and movement on their two legs therefore to avoid the gorillas’ wrath, you will get to follow the rules and regulation for gorilla trekking in Africa to avoid them reacting you in the harshest way that is inflicting pain to them.

How Do Mountain Gorillas Adapt to the Environment?
How Do Mountain Gorillas Adapt to the Environment?

 A gorilla grip is quite strong and it is estimated that a gorilla punch is about 1300-2700 pounds of force making their hands quite strong and this has enabled the gorillas to easily crush fruit, harvest a number of vegetation and it has been witnessed the gorillas can easily uproot trees like the bamboo trees. They are also able to use their arms to fight a number of predators, other gorilla families that are interested in expanding their families which is also an adaptation mechanism for survival.

Gorillas have strong sharp canine teeth that are used to crush down their food because it can be seen eating a number of hard food like bamboo shoots which helps to easily break down the food into chewable pieces, the canine teeth are also used to defend themselves from intruders and predators that attack the gorilla groups which helps to protect themselves

The gorillas have also been able to live harmoniously with one another because of the fact that the gorillas have established social hierarchies which help to organize the group quite well to take part in a number of activities within the group without having to be in a number of issues with one another. The dominant silverback is the general overseer of the group who helps to settle disputes among the family, he is responsible for the expansion of a gorilla group in terms of mating with the adult females of the group and many other interesting factors and features that make the mountain gorillas adapt to their environments.

For any one  interested in understanding and witnessing the gorillas and how they carry out their daily activities  and how they adapt to their environment, it can be seen when you take part in

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