How To Get To Kidepo National Park : Kidepo national park is the most isolated park in Uganda found in northern Uganda, the park borders South Sudan in the north west and Kenya in the East just 5 kilometers away from the park. the park is just 700 kilometers away from Kampala making it the national park that is furthest away from Kampala city.

The country is famous for housing 77 mammal species, over 476 species that can be seen in the wild for a memorable wildlife safari in Uganda. The park is famous for travellers interested in visiting the park, they can choose different way like  by either using air transport or road transport to lead them to the predominantly covered by savannah grasslands, as you make your way to Apoka the heart of the park which will lead you to a number of rewarding attractions in the park as you also explore the vast landscape that have a number of attractions for you to watch for an amazing safari experience.

For travellers that are going to use road transport, there are a number of different routes one can use however the most direct route is through gulu to Lokumoit Gate and this will take about 10 hours which is quite long however you can have a stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary where you will have the opportunity to participate in rhino tracking since the sanctuary the only area where you can watch the rhinos in Uganda then after the activity you will make your way to gulu or Kitgum where you will get to the park. You can also use a number of routes through Karamoja sub region arriving at Nataba gate.

For travellers that will be using air transport to get to the park and this can be arranged by their trusted tour operator who will book for your flight through Entebbe international airport where you will use aero link a trusted service provider that offers domestic flights to the park that should be booked on advance.

How To Get To Kidepo National Park
Kidepo Valley

While you make your way to the park there are a number of different tourism activities in Kidepo national park that you should not miss out on and these include;

While you participate in the game drives in Kidepo national park, you will get to watch a number of mammal species like the lions, elephants, Rothschild’s giraffe, buffalos impala, Uganda kobs and many other mammal species while going through the Narus valley that is predominantly filled with savannah grasslands with open grasslands it makes the game drives quite rewarding and memorable.

You can also participate in birding in Kidepo National Park and it should be noted that the park is an important birding destination in Africa that can be visited to ensure that you have the most rewarding safari experience. get ready to watch about 150 bird species during your birding expedition in the park and among the different species that can be seen include; the common Ostrich, secretary bird, northern carmine bee-eater, little green bee eater, Abyssinian scimitar bill and many more bird species and also you will have the chance to watch the different migratory species from Europe and many other continents.

Visit the ik people an important group of people that have unique cultural values from their language that is believed to be a mix of different languages including some foreign language and many other interesting aspects about their ways of living. You will be entertained by their ways of living, you will also get to watch how they prepare their local dishes and you will also get to taste them if you’re interested because they are such welcoming and friendly people.

‘’Book your safari to Kidepo national park and have the most rewarding safari exploring the different areas in the park that will lead you to a number of rewarding attractions in the park.’’

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