Is Rwanda good for safari? Africa is definitely a rich background for safaris in the big picture. It is a home to raw beauty and wild interactions, which leaves anyone craving more. For centuries, Kenya and Tanzania, two giants among them, have been in charge of safari fantasies. However, in the background, there is another diamond that shines more than others –Rwanda. Buried in very midst of East Africa, this country surpasses an average Safari storyline by a very short margin creating a feeling of intimacy, imminence as well as exceptional amazement for the soul.

Gorilla Trekking:

The emerald mystic of Rwanda, a sanctuary that can’t be compared. In this case, the pulse of the safari beats in unison with the mystery of gorilla trekking. Beneath the arm of the Volcanoes National Park where all the tinted shades compose a narrative on each and every leaf is a remarkable phenomenon. The land of these almost extinct mountain gorillas, giants of creatures whose life time runs only till tomorrow. Courageous travelers set out on an adventurous journey following the clever directions of skillful hunters whose heartbeat beats faster. A clan of gorillas surrounded by dense forest, pregnant with secrets opens its way out. The wild is a sanctuary where the atmosphere spices up with holiness and gives birth to an experience so great that it writes on your mind.


Instead of the echoing footsteps of many in the cacophonous savannas, Rwanda offers a whispering enticement for intimate moments. Communion with nature surpasses the normal in some parts of these national parks within its own country. Close your eyes and imagine being a silent spectator in the midst of luxuriant vegetation, listening to the prank of gold monkeys, and observing those rare birds drawing fantastic shades on the sky. The question of intimacy is not just a possibility there in Rwanda but an undeniable truth. This is where photographers take refuge, and nature lovers find their haven, a place where every rustling leaf and every bird tweet sings only for them.

Diverse Ecosystems:

Rwanda is an arty piece depicting nature in its multiplicity. These landscapes could never be imagined by the mind alone. Panorama sweeps from the regal shoulders of volcanic mountains in the north to the sweeping savannahs and curves of wetlands in the easter, like a living entity.

Is Rwanda good for safari?
Virunga Mountains

Community and Conservation:

The harmony between man and nature is epitomized by Rwanda, and it can be considered as an example where two things fit together perfectly. Community based tourism is a popular slogan in Rwanda compared to other safari realms for this is their passion. Conservation corridors whisper local voices as they stitch together a fabric in which animals and human beings prosper. Community members are embraced by lodges and tour operators thus developing mutualism which promotes growth and adds value. The travelers unveil the fabric of Rwandan cultural heritage during their interactions with the locals, which makes their safari expedition deeper.

The life story of conservation odyssey has been written into the country’s chronicle as an offspring of tragedy. In the trail of a destructive follow-up of Rwandan genocide in the year 1994, the country initiated a great journey. The story of re-planting forests, protecting endangered creatures from the bottomless pit of extinction, and adapting sustainable wildlife conservation. From this effort emerged a reawakening, an upturn of the wildlife populations that gave colour to the heart of the nation. The conscious wandering person supports a country not because conserving is an option in the country but a part of life, which adds depths to the safari experience, and every footstep becomes an evidence of aware-wandering.

“The Land of a Thousand Hills”

A thousand hills baptize this land called Rwanda. This is a monotonicity defying spectacle of rolling landscapes. Picture yourself waking up to a symphony conducted in mist-shrouded mountains with their silhouettes forming a painting of the dawn sky. Colored air is painted with exotic birds’ melodic songs that have never been heard. The country’s landscape makes even the most mundane of activities an exciting experience within itself.


Rwand isn’t just a destination in this mystical world – it is a trip into the divine. This is where a simple safari becomes a date with the extraordinary in the whispers of tall trees of giants. Mountain gorillas, intimate wilderness, various ecosystems, community and conservation, and Rwanda’s rolling sonnets make a one-of-a-kind Rwanda safari.

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