Is Rwanda Safe? Safety of Rwanda Safari : Before you make your plans to visit Rwanda in order to take part in activities like gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, golden monkey trekking, hiking the Virunga mountains I, Nyungwe national park safari. Boat cruise on lake Ihema, Akagera national park safari, canopy walk in Nyungwe national park, bird watching safaris in Rwanda and many other activities to take part in, you should consider the safety of the country in order for you to have the most memorable experience in the country. With a number of different occurrences in the country like covid-19, refugees from Congo coming in the country, there has been a number of safety precautions that are being exercised to ensure that tourists and locals are safe and feel secure in the land of 1000 hills that has a number of destinations to be discovered for a rewarding Rwanda Safari tour. Below are some of the safety measures that re being carried out by the government and a number of tourism destinations

Covid-19 and travel

With all the necessary covid-19 travel requirements you will be given access to take part in a number of activities where you will get to see the top tourist attractions in Rwanda. With covid-19 in Rwanda, a number of travel restrictions have been put in place for instance for tourists that are not fully vaccinated, they are required to present their covid-19 negative tests and once they reach the country, they will also take another covid-9 test to ensure that they are not a threat to other travelers which may be a threat to travelers and the locals as well.

Crime rates in the country

Just like any other country in the world, there are crime rates in the country but important to note is the fact that there are low crime rates and among the common crimes that are made include; burglary, theft bag snatching therefore you should be vigilant every time you walk along the streets as you carry out the different activities in the country and choosing the right tour operator will also help to avoid such scenarios.

Is Rwanda Safe? Safety of Rwanda Safari
Is Rwanda Safe? Safety of Rwanda Safari

Furthermore on combating the issue of crime in the country, the police has played a big role of maintaining law and order whereby at the different streets you will be able to find police posts which help in the maintenance of order in the country and in situations where you are a victim of circumstances,  you will be protected  and offered help to ensure that you have a safe activity free from crime.

Road travel and safety

The road transport in Rwanda is quite safe with a number of traffic measures that have been put in place for instance there are traffic lights and signs that have been put in place to ensure proper road usage and also avoid accidents. There is improved infrastructures with well-constructed roads that ensure you have smooth rides across the countries without having to worry about any accidents along the way. For travellers in Rwanda that would like to access the democratic republic of Congo, they can encounter immigration issues therefore before you visit Rwanda and you’re interested in accessing Virunga national park to take part in gorilla trekking in Congo or gorilla trekking in kahuzi biega national park you should apply for a tourist visa in order to access the country and take part in a number of activities in the country. Public transportation from Rwanda to Burundi is greatly probited because of the tensions between the two countries.

Safety of tourism activities

During gorilla trekking in Rwanda, there are a number of questions that are raised for instance is gorilla trekking in Rwanda safe, are gorillas dangerous? and the answer to that is a yes because the country has put in place a number

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