Is Uganda better than Rwanda? The heart of East Africa is not only all about safaris anymore. This is the art of venturing out into the unknown; experiencing the unforeseen surprises, such as those provided by Uganda and Rwanda to the adventurous traveller. The decision between Uganda and Rwanda for the nest tour is not just the decision but a maze to explore for the next trip.


These are stories of an epic adventure in Uganda and Rwanda in the vibrant canvas that is East Africa. Both areas serve as homes for the adventurous pursuit called Mountain Gorilla Trekking. More than half of the world population of wild mountain gorillas is found in Uganda living majestically in thickets of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It tests the spirit with an ability of endurance that sums up to the African jungle feeling. On the flip side, Rwanda volcano national park provides trekkers with less dense vegetation but remains as charming as it could be. It is $700 for a saga of primed connection in Uganda and $1500 Rwanda gorilla permits that is a token of such unparallel journey.

Chimpanzee Trekking: Penetrate deep into Uganda’s Budongo forest, Kibale forest. In this place, among the old trees, a choir of chimp cries sings for the lucky ones.‑ More elusive encounters call for the lens of the photographers on the hills of Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda as well as Mukura-Gishwati Petite National Park.

Birdwatching: Uganda skies are splashed in more than one thousand nine hundred bird colours all spread out within swamps, woods, savannah, and lake margins. Although small in area, Rwanda, has 700 bird species on its canvas. Nature’s flamboyance is testified by the flight of feathers, which becomes a study in diversity.

Is Uganda better than Rwanda?
Birding in Rwanda

Game Drives: As the world awakens to new days, Kenya’s savannah national parks come alive with freshness while they fade away into peace at sunset. They are also found in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park where travelers go on a romantic trip, ending with an adventure boat ride at Lake Ihema.

Community Experiences: The 57 tribes in Uganda that have various local languages, food preparations, and legends weave up its history. Listen to their stories, dance to their rhythms, and enjoy their flavors. Unity despite diversity is depicted through the cultural mosaic of Rwanda in which paint rich colors.

Adventurous Expeditions: Uganda has a series of adventure activities for the thrill seekers; such as white water rafting along the Nile or rock climbing down precipitous cliff faces. On the contrary, Rwanda encourages adventure seekers to paddle through its unspoilt water bodies, cycle through its rolling terrain, and traverse along high-altitude canopies.

Hiking and Mountaineering: The hikers are attracted by the heights of Mount Elgon, Rwenzori, Moroto, and Kadam in Uganda. These sentries for the tales of the ancestors are Bisoke, Karisimbi, and Muhabura in Rwanda among the Virunga volcanoes. Those who will dare to tread on it will be met with a combination of physical strength, and spiritual tranquility.

Practicalities to consider

Luxuriously speaking, Rwanda is the best place in terms of costs and accommodation, with high class lodges dotting the Volcanoes Park area. However, Uganda murmurs rusty adventures with unrefined experience in store.

With weather and climate being the silent architects of travel arrangements, December-February and June-September are the dry ideal times for mountain hiking and safari in Savanna. Rains occur twice a year, from March to May and October to November, but they are accompanied by beauty and nature’s lushness. The colors are vibrant and the birds are singing! Whichever of the two beautiful East African countries you choose, you are bound to have the time of your life. Better yet, tag along with us on a cross country safari between Rwanda and Uganda! Let us craft for you an itinerary that will leave you spoiled for choice

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