The Kigali city tour in Rwanda will give you the chance to explore the beautiful scenery of the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali city which possesses beauty from all aspects from a number of natural features like the rolling hills that make up the 100 hills of the county, the establishments that have a rich history of Rwanda behind it in the one of the cleanest and eco-friendly countries in Africa.  While you visit Rwanda, don’t hesitate taking part in the Kigali city tour because there are a number of destinations you can visit in Kigali city where you will get the chance to have the most memorable entertainment visiting a number of restaurants, you will also understand the culture of the people of Rwanda where you will also get to see the different memorial destinations in the country for the most rewarding experience.

Top things to do in Rwanda 2022

While visiting Kigali city you will have the most rewarding experience and all can be consumed in one day making it quite flexible and very amazing because you will be able to consume all the adventures in the city and also take part in other activities like, hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda, you can also take part in visiting the musanze caves in Rwanda, golden monkey trekking in Rwanda. You can also take part in the primate safaris in Rwanda where you will take part in activities like gorilla trekking in volcanoes, golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park, when you visit Nyungwe national park, you can take part in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, monkey treks where you can track the black and white colobus monkeys and many other interesting tourism activities in the country.

Kigali genocide memorial museum

The Kigali genocide memorial museum is one of the most memorable sites in the country that were built to commemorate the 1994 Rwanda genocide where about 1,000,000 Rwandans lost their lives. At the genocide museum, you will visit the three exhibition areas to understand more about the events that led to the death of the people, you will get to watch and hear the confessions of the murders that carried out mass executions, you will also get to see the victims whose lives were changed forever living behind physical and emotional damage that can be seen when you watch the videos where the victims attacked, killed which is quite devastating however at the end of your safari, hope is restored because the country is among the safest countries in Africa that can be visited and the fact that the  people of Rwanda are stronger than never before which can be seen when you visit the Bugesera reconciliation camp where the ex-murders and the victims live in harmony with one another living behind the hard times they went through.

Kigali City Tour
Kigali City Tour

The presidential palace/ museum

The presidential palace can also visit during your Kigali city which can also be visited when you take part in the Rwanda genocide tour. It should be noted that the presidential palace. The presidential palace where the history of the Rwanda genocide begins should not be missed out when you participate in your Kigali city tour. The activity will give you the opportunity to see the wreckage of the then Hutu president of Rwanda juvenale Habyarimana’ plane that is believed to have been bombed by a Tutsi rebel thus leading to the 1994 genocide. At the palace, you will get to see the life style of the president how he spent his fortune all of which can be seen when you visit the museum as a knowledgeable guide tells you all the events that led to the political unrest in the country.

The restaurants

Have a taste of the local food of the people of Rwanda by visiting one of the finest restaurants in the country where you will get to taste the most delicious traditional cuisines in Rwanda for a nice touch of the culture of the people of Rwanda through food. There are a number of traditional dishes in Rwanda you can choose from like you can take a cup of fresh cow milk with no additives, try eating grilled meat, isombe, somboza, akananga and finish it off with Urwagwa a locally made banana beer and many other interesting local dishes. While in Rwanda don’t forget to visit question coffee a café that is dedicated to offer the best of the organic coffee that the people of Rwanda grow without any additives.

the king’s palace

If you are interested in learning more about the culture of the people of Rwanda before modernity then you can visit the king’s palace which will give you an insight of the palace of the last king of Rwanda, King Musinga Yuhi V. The palace will give you the opportunity to enjoy the palace as you observe the different attractions like the architectural styles which involved the use of grass as roofing and the use of cow dung. At the palace you will get to see the different local items that were used to carry out daily activities like the hoes that were used for digging, you will get to see how traditional medicine was made from natural herbs and many other interesting features.

Kigali City Tour
Kigali City Tour

Inema crafts centre

Visit the Inema arts and crafts centre you will get to see how different paints are made from plant material and animal material which is quite fascinating with a number of paints that you will get to see when you visit the centre. At the arts centre you can also sign up for art lessons for a day, you can also be taught how different colours a mixed and paints are made from plant material and at the end of your safari, you can purchase a souvenir at a cheap price.

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