Kigali City : Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. It is ranked as Africa’s safest city. Furthermore, it is top of the list as the cleanest city in Africa. It has beautiful weather, lush greenery, clean streets, and has everything close by, making it easy to move around.  Kigali is inhabited by the Banyarwanda. You cannot claim to have been to Kigali without visiting the Gihozi memorial grounds where the 1994 genocide victims were buried. Annually,100 days are dedicated in memory of the deceased within the grounds that accommodated an art gallery of what happened during the genocide. Besides, that are areas like the Remera market slightly out of town, popular for fresh food and the city center market-Nyarugene market, famous for household commodities. Nearby resources in both markets include; banks, hotels, pharmacies, gas, taxis, beauty and spas. How would you not visit the Kigali Convention Centre! It is a new conference place where international meetings are held.

Blu Radisson Hotel where delegates that attend the international meetings usually reside, is evidently a high-class hotel one of the best five-star hotels in the country for hosting high profile people. It has multiple on-site dining options that await you with its two bars and restaurants. Guests can start their days off strong with authentic Italian fare at Filini. For Rwandan specialists or continental favorites, stop by at the Larder again. The Lounge, with its long opening hours, gives you a cozy setting to unwind with a drink any time during the day. The pizza bar offers a stylish setting for you can meet your friends and enjoy some delicious pub food with exquisite cocktails.

During the daily high level of development in Rwanda, it is no surprise that the Kigali special economic zones phase one in Munini village, Masoro cell, Ndera sector, Gasabo district on the outskirts of the city thrives in the manufacturing products with the brand among others with the brand ‘made in Rwanda’ to promote assumption of her own products, not just nationally but also internationally. It occupies one hundred fifty nine hectares of which one hundred thirty-one are for industrial use and twenty-eight are for the green belt. As if that wasn’t enough Rwanda ventured into car assembling at the Volkswagen assembling car plant that amazingly produces 6 electric cars weekly. The Rwandan president, Paul Kagame unveiled the assembling plant.

Kigali City
Kigali City

The launch saw the first Volkswagen car that was assembled in Rwanda. ‘Africa does not need to be a dumping ground for second-hand cars, or second-hand anything, because in the long run Africans may end up paying a higher price anyway,’ said Kagame. It specializes in the assembling of electric cars. For recreation purposes, you would liken Bambino amusement park to Uganda’s Wonder World Amusement Park formerly known as Didi’s World. It has a very modern and large compound. It has a fantastic original idea for groups in quest of romance, swimming, and facilities for children.

 For the sports lovers, the newly constructed stadium-Kigali Arena, is an indoor arena used mostly for basketball matches. Built and finished in 2019, it hosts sporting activities and concerts. It is the biggest indoor arena in East Africa and is located next to the Amahoro Stadium. The NBA Africa games were even hosted there hence promoting the rise of the sports spirit nationally. Most of these places that I would liken to heaven on earth are located at Nyarugenge which is part of the vast Kigali City. Those areas, among many others, are some of the most frequently visited areas by local and foreign tourists.

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