Mount Nyiragongo Hike

Mount Nyiragongo Hike: Mountain Nyiragongo is one of the mountains of the virunga mountains chain that has gained popularity over the years in Africa given the fact that has the world’s largest lava lake found in Africa’s oldest national park virunga national park which is another interesting feature that has attracted a number of nature lovers to participate in the mount Nyiragongo hike in order to understand more of the rewarding attraction. For a tourist interested in taking part in the mount Nyiragongo hike, they should consider plan their during the dry months of June – October and December which will make the activity quite easy to hike along the steep slopes which is not the case with the months of march-may and November which are characterised with rains that can  sabotage your hiking experience and cause accidents while hiking to the top. 

Mount Nyiragongo Hike

Things to consider while taking part in the hike

-Proper Hydration

It should be noted that mount Nyiragongo is one of the highest mountains among the virunga mountains that stands at an elevation of 11000 ft which makes exhausting for hikers to climb and because of the decreased amount of oxygen will cause you to breathe more causing your body to lose water making you to get exhausted therefore proper hydration is necessary to ensure that you hike mountain Nyiragongo without any inconvenience.

While at the summit of mount Nyiragongo, you should view the lava lake from the view point that was put up by the park management in order to avoid accidents. The lava lake is the largest lava lake in the world which makes it a very dangerous though breathtaking attraction that with any slight   accident it can be fatal therefore to have a safe activity, you should view the lake at the view point which s at a safe distance.

-Health conditions

For any hiker that is interested in participating in the mount Nyiragongo hike, they should be mindful of their health conditions before they take part in their hike which can be a bit strenuous for tourists.  Because of the fact that the mountain is on a high altitude, it poses a threat to tourists with health conditions like high blood pressure,  a number of heart and lung problems therefore any tourists with underlying medical conditions or issues should consider not taking part in he hike because it can cost their lives.

-Right hiking gear

The right hiking gear will make your mount Nyiragongo hike memorable because it will ensure that you have a comfortable activity therefore you should consider having the right hiking gear like the right hiking outfit that is the hiking boots, heavy clothes that will provide warmth during your stay at the summit this is because it tends to get cold at higher elevations of the mountain. Some necessities like toiletries of your choice might not be received in your overnight backpack but for the comfort of your stay at the summit, you should consider packing them for a memorable mount Nyiragongo hike.

Mount Nyiragongo Hike
Mount Nyiragongo

-Carry extra money with you

You should carry extra money with you to ensure that you have an amazing activity in the park during your mount Nyiragongo hike. The essence of carrying extra money is to make your activity quite bearable in a way that you will get to hire porters to help you with your luggage like your luggage, your sleeping bag which may hinder you as you hike mount Nyiragongo, while at the summit, you will also get to cook for yourself which is a bit tiresome after a day’s hike therefore with some extra money you can get to hire a cook who will prepare a nice meal for you.

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