Night Game Drives in Akagera National Park In Rwanda : Akagera National Park is a stunning destination for anyone looking to enjoy nature. With an abundance of animal life and stunning scenery, the park is perfect for a night game drive. A game drive is a trip to a national park or another wildlife area in which animals can be seen in the wild and their behavior can be observed. Night game drives are especially popular as they provide the opportunity to see animals that are active at night and are often hard to spot during the day. The night game drive at Akagera National park is a great way to experience the best of the park while enjoying a thrilling night safari. The drive to the track where the game drive takes place takes about an hour and offers wonderful views of the Rwandan countryside on the way. The track itself is located in a beautiful woodland area and is the perfect place for a game drive.

Located in Rwanda’s northeastern region, Akagera National Park is one of the country’s four national parks and is famous for hosting game drives where visitors can see the big five, which are the African lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino. As well as day game drives, night game drives are also recommended if you want to observe some of the park’s nocturnal inhabitants, such as hyenas and jackals. Hippos also tend to emerge from the river during the night to feed along the banks which make for a good opportunity to observe these large mammals. One of the main attractions of the park is Lake Ihema, which is a large body of water surrounded by papyrus reeds and provides the perfect habitat for hippos and other aquatic animals.

The game drive starts with a tour around the park in search of the nocturnal animals of the night before moving on to an area where all of the animals can be safely observed from the safety of the vehicle. During this part of the drive, you will also be able to learn about the different species that are in the park from their guide and also get a chance to learn more about the customs and traditions of the people of Rwanda.

During the game drive, visitors will have the chance to see a wide range of different animals including giraffes, zebra, antelope, warthog, impala, buffalo, and more. The guides will use spotlights to try and find these animals in the darkness of the forest and help them to spot them more easily.

Aside from the night game drives, there are other activities that take place at Rwanda’s Akagera National Park including nature walks and birdwatching tours which are also available for visitors. The park is also a popular destination for tourists who are interested in visiting local villages to learn more about the local people and culture.

Night Game Drives in Akagera National Park In Rwanda
Game Drives in Akagera National Park In Rwanda

When it comes to activities while staying at Akagera, there are plenty of exciting things to do during the day and at night as well. During your stay at the park you will be able to take part in a variety of activities such as game drives and walking safaris which allow you to view the animals in their natural habitat, Night Game Drives in Akagera National Park In Rwanda

While staying in one of the camps in Akagera, you will be able to go on daily morning game drives that start at sunrise and last until about 10 or 11am. After lunch you will have the opportunity to go for an afternoon walk which will give you the chance to see the different animals that live in the park without being distracted by your driver. In the evening you will enjoy a sundowner game drive during which you will be able to see some of the animals that start to move after sunset. At around 8pm you will have the chance to return to the camp for dinner followed by a night drive where you can see some of the more nocturnal animals that come out after dark.

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