Religious Tourism in Rwanda : Rwanda has been known for a number of activities which have attracted a number of tourists from visiting the country in order to have an amazing Rwanda safari. Some of the most famous safaris in the country are the gorilla trekking safaris which involves tourists hiking the Virunga mountains to visit the gorilla families in Rwanda to have a memorable gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda.  Gorilla trekking in Rwanda has encouraged a number of travellers to visit volcanoes national park which will give you the opportunity to spend one hour with the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda which will give you the opportunity to understand more about the mountain gorilla in the wild. On the other hand, golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which will also get tourists to understand more about the endangered golden monkey troops primate species that are endemic to the Albertine rift thus Relious Tourism in Rwanda.

You will get the chance to participate in other tourism activities in Rwanda like hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda which will give you exceptional views of the park and also give you the chance to see a number of numerous bird species. You can also participate in birding in Rwanda which will give you the chance to see a number of rewarding bird species like the Albertine endemic bird species among other numerous primate species that can be carried out. Among all the different activities in Rwanda that can be carried out, religious tourism in Rwanda has gained popularity over the years among tourists that are interested in faith based tourism where you will visit a number of religious sites that are of great faith value to the tourists interested in religious tourism n Rwanda.

Rwanda is a religiously diverse country with a number religion that cater for a number of religious tourists interested in connecting with their religions and also for those interested in knowing more about the religion in the country. It should be noted that of Rwanda’s population, the Catholics constitute 43.7%, 37.7% are protestants, 11% seventh day Adventists, 2% Muslims mainly the sunni, and 0.7 being Jehovah’s witnesses and the 2.5% having o religious affiliations making the country one of the top 10 tourists destinations that you can visit to ensure you have an amazing time in the country exploring the different religions in the country.

Nyamata church genocide memorial museum

During religious tourism in Rwanda you should not miss out on visiting the nyamata church genocide memorial museum which can also be visited when you participate in the Rwanda genocide tour.

Relious Tourism in Rwanda
Nyamata church genocide memorial museum

At nyamata church used to be a place where a number of Catholics in Rwanda carried out their religious duties from however during the 1994 Rwanda genocide which involved a number of tutsi that where being killed by extreme Hutu one of the dominant tribes in Rwanda, they used the nyamata church as a hiding spot and a place of refugee to avoid the brutal attacks from the Hutu. Unfortunately, although the church is believed to be a place of refuge, the hutu where quite heartless and they killed over 2500 Tutsi at the church and these can be seen when you visit the memorial museum you will get to see  a number of remains of the people that were killed at the genocide memorial museum which is such a devastating situation but also a hopeful one because rwanda is among the safest countries in africa right now and the world at large that can be visited for an amazing experience thus Relious Tourism in Rwanda.

Shrine of our lady of kibeho

Visit the shrine of our lady of kibeho which will give you an insight about the Marian apparitions which are divine appearances by Mary who is known for being the mother of Jesus which are believed to be a long time of repeated appearances of Mary. As you visit Rwanda you can visit the shrine of our lady of kibeho which will give you an insights of the school students that are believed to have received visions of Rwanda that are believed to have communicated about the time when the country was undergoing political turmoil and unrest.

Relious Tourism in Rwanda

 The visions are believed to have been received between 1981 and 1989 where Mary visited the three students alphonsine mumureke, who received the first apparition on November 28th 1981 where hail Mary urged the Rwandans to repent and also to continue reciting the rosary so that their sins would be forgiven. It is also believed that hail Mary warned the girls about the political unrest that would fall on the country and this is believed to have happened thirteen years after the first apparition which led to the death of many Rwandans due to the division into different groups. Today, a number of people visit Rwanda interested in religious tourism in Rwanda to understand more about kibeho the small town which is now recognized as among the few sites in the world where the Marian apparitions have been encountered which has also increased the faith of a number of tourists in the country thus Relious Tourism in Rwanda.

Additionally, there are a number of religious sites in Rwanda that are open to travellers interested in understanding more about the religions in the country and with this you will find out the different religious beliefs of the people of different religions and because they are quite hospitable, you will find the activity quite memorable and quite engaging getting to know more about the different religious groups in the country.

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