Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park : As part of the newly introduced activities in Akagera national park, rhino tracking in Akagera national park will give travellers the chance to observe a number of rewarding attractions in the wild which will give travellers the opportunity to have an up-close look at the big giants when you make your way to the park which will give you access to their groups in the wild.

 Rhinos in Akagera national park had gone extinct due to a number of human factors that led to their extinction. Among the notable causes for the disappearance of the rhinos in Akagera National park was the 1994 Rwanda genocide whose aftermath led to the encroachment on the park land which led to the competition on the resources between the people of Rwanda and the wild species which led to the death of a number of wildlife species

Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park
Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park

The 1994 Rwanda genocide was an unfortunate time where a number of tutsis and the Twa were killed due to the political and social indifferences between the different tribes in the country were the Hutu wanted to wipe away the tutsis from the history of Rwanda which led to the mass killings. During the mass killings in the country, a number of Rwandans made their way to the neighbouring countries in search of refuge and they settled in Rwanda, Tanzania Burundi Congo and Kenya running away from the political unrest in the country. When the genocide ended, a number of Rwandans that fled the country made their way back from the different countries where they had settled, they made their way back to Rwanda however when they made their way back to the country they had lost their land for cultivation and their property and most of them settled in Akagera national park which led to encroachment on the land which led to the death of a number of the

Rhino tracking in Rwanda

Before travellers participate in rhino tracking in Rwanda, they will first participate in the briefing session this is because the activity is carried out on foot and in order to avoid any accidents in the park, a number of rules and regulations should be followed to ensure that trackers have an amazing safari. After the session you will make your way to the rhino groups.

When you get to the rhinos you will observe the behaviour of the different rhinos in their groups which comprises of close members that travel in groups of about 4 or more members that can be seen in the mud resting which will give you clear views of the species that you will also enjoy taking their pictures. Among the notable features that you will get to understand about the rhinos is how they interact with one another through the environment for example you will get to observe a midden which is also referred to the rhinos rest room which is a pile of poop that can be seen which the rhinos can get the chance to understand by smelling it to know whether the females are ready for mating or not which is quite fascinating, other males from other groups can also understand whether there’s a strong male among the group members which can help them to easily evade the group or not to and many other rewarding features of the species in the wild. for travellers interested in the activity, you can participate in the activity at a price of 70USD per person in order for you not to miss out on the memorable adventure.

While visiting Akagera national park, you will get to realise there are a number of other rewarding attractions that you will get to see when you participate in a number of rewarding activities in Akagera national park like;

The boat cruise on lake Ihema will give you the chance to watch the endangered shoe bill stork, you will also get to watch a number of water birds like; Red-billed Teal, Paradise Flycatcher, African Hobby African Spoonbill, Black Kite, African Fish Eagle, Pygmy Kingfisher, White-browed Coucal, Grey-capped Warbler Spur-winged Geese, Little Grebe, Common Moorhen, Hadada Ibis, White-faced Whistling Duck Black Crake, Hottentot Teal Black Egret, Cater Egret, and Black-headed Heron and many other bird species. you will also get the chance to observe the sunset as you enjoy the cool breeze from the lake and the different water sources in the park

Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park
Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park

Participate in the walk the line safari which will help you observe the conservation efforts of African parks as you also observe a number of other rewarding attractions as you walk along the different trails in the park for an amazing safari experience in the wild. You can also participate on the game drives that is the morning game drives and the evening game drives that will enable you to track the big five animals in Rwanda, you will watch the Uganda Kobs, Oribis and many other herbivores in the park grazing within the savannah plains and so on for a rewarding safari experience.

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