Rhinos in Akagera National Park : Akagera National Park is home to many endangered species, including the black rhino and white Rhino. Rhinos are considered some of the most magnificent animals on earth, and their presence in Akagera National Park is a source of great pride to Rwandans. There are 5 species of rhino in the world. These include two African rhino species – black and white rhinos that are present in Rwanda. The remaining three are Asian rhino species, which include the greater one–horned, Sumatran, and Javan rhinos. All of these species are in danger of extinction due to the illegal poaching trade in their horns. However, with increased education and enforcement efforts by park authorities and international wildlife conservation organizations, the rhino populations in Rwanda have begun to recover.

Rhinos are characterized by their thick skin and large horns. The horns of the white and black rhino are used for fighting off predators while those of the other two species are hardened to protect their skin from the sun and for digging. As one of the largest land mammals in Africa, rhinos can grow up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 2000kg. Rhinos are generally gentle but timid creatures that prefer their own company. They generally graze on grass, leaves, and roots.

The black and white rhino species are found in East Africa and South Africa respectively. The black rhino population has declined significantly over the past century due to poaching.  White rhinos were introduced to Rwanda in what is considered the world’s biggest rhino translocation effort to date. These rhinoceros were given to the Rwandan government as a gift from the South African government in order to promote tourism in Rwanda. The white rhino population has increased drastically since its introduction into Rwanda, and the Rwandan government has worked hard to protect these magnificent creatures. Both white and black rhinos have been declared extinct in several other countries in Africa in recent years due to the devastating effects of poaching, but the conservation efforts of the Rwandan government have managed to save the populations of both species.

Rhinos in Akagera National Park

The conservation of the black and white rhino populations in Rwanda has been very successful, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Rwandan government and local conservation groups. Both black and white rhinos are classified as endangered animals by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which means they are highly vulnerable to extinction. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of Rwandan conservationists and government workers, the population of black rhinos continues to grow every year, while the white rhino population has also steadily increased thanks to the introduction of new animals into the country.

You can watch this magnificent creature only in Akagera National Park in eastern Rwanda most preferably during the dry season from July to October. They are best seen on game drives through the park where you can see them grazing or drinking from the waterholes. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat is a truly rewarding experience, and seeing the black rhino in particular is an incredible sight to behold.

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