Rolling Hills of Rwanda : When travellers think of Rwanda they think of the mountain gorillas because the country is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas that can be seen when they participate in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park. the country is famous for its wildlife that can be seen when you visit a number of national parks and take part in the different tourism activities. Some of the most famous activities in the country include golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which will give you the opportunity to spend one hour with the Albertine endemic primate species that can only be seen in Virunga national park, volcanoes national park and Mgahinga national park only.

In the country you can also participate in a number of activities like the cultural tours in Rwanda where you will get the opportunity to understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda which will give you the chance to see the different attractions and also give you the opportunity to understand the different culture of people as you spend time at the different cultural villages for an amazing experience in the country. With all the attractions that can be seen in the park the rolling of Rwanda will give you quite an adventure with the fact that you will get to see over 1000 hills which make the country quite beautiful and some travellers tend to compare the rolling hills of Rwanda to the alps of Switzerland because of how similar they are to one another making them one of the attractions that should not be missed out on during your Rwanda safari. While exploring the rolling hills of Rwanda you will get to visit a number of attractions and take part in the different tourism activities in Rwanda that will make the experience quite memorable.

Tea and coffee plantations

While visiting the rolling hills of Rwanda, you should not miss out on visiting the tea plantations and the coffee plantations that can be seen along the rolling hills. It should be noted that Rwanda is mainly an agricultural country that depends mainly on agriculture which can be witnessed by a number of plantations that can be seen on the rolling hills and also important to note about the people of Rwanda is the fact that they practise small scale farming in the homes where they can get produce for daily consumption. Some of the most eye-catching things you will see while you hike the hills are the coffee and tea plantations like the Gisakura tea estate, Kayonza tea estates that can be seen on the hills, still on the rolling hills, you ill also get to see the coffee plantations in Rwanda like the huye mountain coffee, AM coffee plantation, rupango coffee washing station where you will take part in plantations trips that will have you an insight of the tea and coffee processes in Rwanda.  While visiting the tea and coffee plantations you will be introduced to a number of processes like harvesting tea and coffee, sorting drying, roasting coffee, grounding it to make one of the finest coffee in the world interesting about the trips is the fact that you will also get the chance to taste one of the most organic Arabica coffee.

Rolling Hills of Rwanda
Tea plantations

Hotel des mille Collines

While exploring the rolling hills of Rwanda, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting hotel des mille Collines that not only has amazing views and delicious cuisines but also the fact that it has amazing and rich history to it. During the tour around the hotel you will get to know that during the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the hotel provided refuge to over 100o0 Rwandans that were hiding from the hutu extremists that were killing a number of tutsi one of the tribes in Rwanda. The manager, Paul Rusesabagina offered a number of rooms to act as refugee to them where the pool was also used as water for daily use like cleaning and bating among other uses unfortunately the hutu extremists were tipped off by unknown people which led to the killing of some people that fled after learning that the hutu were on the way to the hotel which was quite a devastating time in the country. Today the hotel is still in operation and during your Rwanda tour, you can visit the hotel and book in one of the luxurious rooms, you can also enjoy the different cuisines at the restaurants to make the experience of exploring the rolling hills of Rwanda quite memorable.

Rolling Hills of Rwanda
Hotel des mille Collines

Mount Kigali

You should not miss out on hiking mount Kigali which is one of the famous hills among the rolling hills in Rwanda. The mountain is not specifically a mountain but you will get to experience the most rewarding adventures as you hike the different terrains that you will come in contact with. Some of the different attractions that you will get to see as you hike mount Kigali include; a number of local bars that you can visit and taste some of the local brew of r4wanda as you unwind from the intense traffic.

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