Rwanda Honeymoon Safari Trip : The Top 12 Romantic Honeymoon Resorts : For your honeymoon in Rwanda, explore the distinctive fusion of luxury and adventure at one of these extravagant, out-of-this-world resorts. Although a honeymoon or romantic holiday in Rwanda may seem like an unusual decision, it’s a great alternative for couples who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure. Rwanda offers the ideal fusion of these experiences, if you and your spouse enjoy going on wildlife drives, mountain hikes, and gorilla tracking.

 Rwanda is a terrific safari location, since it has an adventurous feel, but yet offers a little luxury. Imagine staying in exclusive lodges and campers surrounded by stunning scenery and unusual creatures that you won’t find at home. This Trip is a dream come true, thanks to the luxurious rooms with gorgeous decor worthy of your Pinterest board and the delectable cuisine.

Imagine yourself and your significant other having a romantic meal amidst Rwanda’s gorgeous vegetation. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the nation is dedicated to sustainable development. Your journey will be made even more meaningful by Rwanda’s pioneering efforts to protect the planet’s resources.


It’s great to make the decision of where to go on your honeymoon. Rwanda provides some amazing possibilities to make your romantic holiday genuinely unique, if you’re eager for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Consider resting in opulent resorts blooming in the shadow of imposing volcanoes, eco-friendly safari accommodations, or beautiful getaways along calm lakeshores. Rwanda offers this as an experience to couples looking for a unique honeymoon. Here are twelve utterly alluring honeymoon destinations that any married couple should be aware of, given the beauty and adventure Rwanda has to offer:

  1. Virunga Lodge

Only an hour away from Gorilla-Tracking-Excursions in Musanze is the Volcanoes Safari-managed Virunga Lodge. Rooms and common rooms include breathtaking views of the twin lakes and volcanoes, while thatched roof structures, steep stone walkways, and roaring fireplaces add to the authentic Rwandan atmosphere. The hotel also provides other activities like nature hikes, boat cruises, massages, and Gorilla tracking. With a good book and a bottle of wine, relax by the fireplace or on the lovely veranda.

  1. Kigali Marriott

The Kigali Marriott is a cozy, up-to-date, and tranquil place to stay with a five-star rating and the best weekend brunch buffet in town. The Marriott hosts events, conferences, and meetings every day, yet their attention to guests and quality never wavers. The Marriott also has a fantastic spa, Fitness center, and outdoor pool.

  1. Cormoran Lodge

Cormoran Lodge is the place to go to get away from it all, offering a perfect view of a lakeside sunset and wooden cabins placed on stilts. This modest, boutique Hotel offers kayak expeditions, boat rides, tea tastings, and general leisure. The large hotel terrace is ideal for Sundowner beverages and evening card games.

  1. Kataza House

A luxurious retreat close to the breathtaking Volcanoes National Park is called Kataza House. This remarkable Location is designed to provide a unique experience for up to eight people. Using regional materials and interconnecting wooden walks to link the suites to social areas, the entire property blends in with the stunning surroundings. If you’re looking for a private, cozy location in Rwanda, where you and your partner may enjoy a genuinely memorable honeymoon, Kataza House is a great option.

  1. Sabinyo Silverback Lodge

The Sabinyo Silverback Lodge, run by Governors Camp, is a five-star hotel located near Volcanoes National Park. The resort is situated on a stunning slope, making it the ideal site to stay when tracking gorillas. Modern conveniences are available in the seclusion of the rooms, and the service goes above and above with complimentary breakfast, all-inclusive meal plans, and genuinely individualized care.

  1. Paradis Malahide

Paradis Malahide, which is located in Gisenyi on the serene shores of Lake Kivu, is a paradise unto itself. Spend some time reading a book while relaxing on their seaside property, or go boating or kayaking. The hotel’s interior architecture is unmistakably lakefront rustic, but with some conveniences (such a complimentary gourmet breakfast), it is among the best in Lake Kivu.

  1. Kwitonda Inn

In addition to providing opulent honeymoon accommodations, Kwitonda Lodge also fosters a strong bond with Rwanda’s magnificent scenery. It bears the name of a legendary gorilla, revered for his tenderness and humility, and living here gives you access to the forest treasures of Volcanoes National Park.

  1. Bisate Lodge

The newest addition to Rwanda’s luxury tourist strategy, Bisate Lodge, is situated only a few kilometers from the entrance to the Volcanoes National Park. It provides exceptional dining and unmatched service while viewing some of Rwanda’s breathtaking rural environment in the foothills of the Bisoke Volcano. Although guests come here to monitor gorillas, the resort also provides several tours of the neighborhood, massages, and other services. The home has six rooms, which only enhances the quaint and charming atmosphere. The luxurious bathrooms and most comfortable bed in the nation are features of the exquisitely constructed rooms.

  1. Gorilla’s Nest

Gorilla’s Nest offers a romantic honeymoon getaway in the alluring nation of Rwanda, nestled among swaying eucalyptus trees beneath the majestic Virunga Volcanos. The rooms at this charming getaway offer first-rate service and are built to resemble elevated treehouses that perfectly connect the indoors and outside. The resort was designed by interior designer Hubertus to create a subdued African atmosphere while preserving the focus on the surrounding natural splendor. In addition to taking you on a hike with the magnificent mountain gorillas, One and Only Gorilla’s Nest encourages you to fully immerse yourself in the history and culture of Rwanda.

Rwanda Honeymoon Safari Trip
Gorilla’s Nest
  1. Ruzizi Tented Lodge

The family-friendly and all-inclusive Ruzizi Tented Lodge is situated on Lake Ihema in the southern part of Akagera National Park. Ruzizi, which provides compact, eco-friendly glamping tents, is the ideal location from which to view many of the species for which Akagera is renowned. Come enjoy wonderful dinners, stargazing, and hippopotamus watching on their lovely wooden Porch.

  1. Nyungwe House

Nyungwe House, which is surrounded by verdant tea fields and mist-shrouded hills, is a unique place. It is close to chimpanzee trekking and other hiking trails, and it is situated next to Nyungwe National Park. However, many visitors believe it is unnecessary to leave the chic establishment and prefer to spend their time unwinding in the hotel’s opulent rooms, indulging in the hotel’s exquisite dining, and reclining by the infinity pool that overlooks the forest canopy.

  1. Magashi Camp

Magashi Camp, which offers six spacious and airy tents, is tucked away in the northeastern section of Akagera National Park and overlooks the lovely Lake Rwanyakazinga. Because of the unbroken views of the shimmering seas that these lodgings provide, it is the ideal location for soaking up the romance of unspoiled landscapes. Magashi Camp is the definition of a sumptuous Rwandan honeymoon delight, complete with a swimming pool, a large viewing platform, and traditional Rwandan cultural components set against the alluring savannah fauna.


From opulent amenities and breathtaking views to the chance to take in Rwanda’s rich biodiversity and cultural legacy, each of these honeymoon resorts offers something special. A honeymoon in Rwanda promises to be an unforgettable experience that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives, whether you want to go on a gorilla hike through beautiful forests or enjoy a romantic meal under the African stars. Our Rwanda honeymoon safari experts are ready to help you design a romantic getaway that satisfies your lifelong fantasies.

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