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Rwanda Safari Tour :Rwanda, popularly dubbed as the Land of a Thousand Hills, has repeatedly shown to be a fantastic tourism destination, increasing Rwanda safaris or Rwanda tours. Rwanda has a multitude of sites and activities that will captivate the interest of any traveller. Volcanoes national park, which is well known for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda; and Nyungwe forest national park, which is well known for chimpanzee trekking tours, is two of the most prominent sites on Rwanda safari tour. Tourists may also visit Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s largest national park and well-known for its wildlife.

Rwanda Safaris Tours

What to do during Rwanda Safari Tour.

Gorilla Trekking

Rwandan gorilla trekking Safaris tours have become the country’s most popular tourist activity. The activity takes place in Volcanoes National Park, which is part of the larger Virunga massif region, which also includes Virunga National Park in Congo and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, all of which are well-known for gorilla trekking. Gorilla trekking is simply the process of traversing the forest in search of huge mountain gorillas. When you come into contact with the gorillas, you will engage in a variety of activities with them, including shooting pictures with them and learning about their everyday life. After the gorilla hike, you will leave the jungle and return to your hotel.

Rwanda Safari Tour
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes national park

Trekking Habituated Chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Chimpanzee trekking takes place in Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest national park. The activity comprises going into the forest in search of chimps and other forest monkey species such as Black and White Colobus monkeys. After finding the chimps, you interact with them before returning. It’s recommended to combine this activity with a stroll to the Canopy walking bridge, a 50-meter-long swing bridge suspended between giant trees. You will be able to see the gorgeous rainforest from a bird’s eye perspective, witnessing wildlife moving about below you before returning to your hotel to spend the evening at leisure.

Wildlife Viewing in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park hosts Rwandan game viewing activities. The park is a famous wildlife attraction in Rwanda. It is well-known for its wildlife, which includes lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, topis, Jackson’s hartebeests, and other bird species. The experience may be carried out at any time of day by going on a game drive.

Boat Cruise Rwanda Safari Tours

A gorgeous boat tour on Lake Ihema in Akagera national park, which exposes you to various bird species as well as fauna that thrives in the water, such as crocodiles and hippos, is tough to miss on any Rwanda safari tour. The one-hour cruise costs $45 per person, with a maximum of 11 people, and if you want to organize your own excursion with a private group at your own time, the entire boat costs $180 to hire.

This boat excursion will allow you to see extra animals, such as elephants and buffalos, which will cluster along the banks to drink water. You will also get the opportunity to watch other beautiful birds like as the shoebill stork, fish eagles, kingfishers, papyrus Gonolek, herons, and many more. Other boat cruise tours are conducted on Lake Kivu.

Golden Monkey Trekking on Rwanda Safari Tours

It is an extra treat to go golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park while on your Rwanda safari tours. Golden monkeys are timid but gorgeous animals that have flourished in Rwanda’s forests’ volcanoes national park. Trekking the golden monkeys will only provide you with more of what Volcanoes National Park has to offer, in addition to the park’s major draw, gorilla trekking.

Rwanda Safari Tour
Golden Monkey Trekking

Try the Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Canopy walk is yet another interesting activity to do while on a Rwanda wildlife safari tour; it takes place at Nyungwe forest national park in the Butare area of South Rwanda. The trip includes walking on suspended walkways above the canopy of Nyungwe Forest, affording a full 360-degree spectacular and scenic view of the forest. Then, in Nyungwe Forest National Park, a canopy walk is sometimes combined with additional activities such as chimp trekking or a guided nature tour.

Don’t miss a City Tour in Kigali

Another fascinating activity to do while on a Rwanda safari tour is to visit Kigali. The tour introduces you to a variety of activities available in one of Africa’s cleanest towns. Among other things, you’ll tour the Rwanda genocide monument, local artisan markets, and the Kigali Convention Center.

What’s a Rwanda Safari Tour with a Cultural Tour?

An institution, organization, or group’s set of common attitudes, beliefs, objectives, and practices. The cultural past of Rwanda has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations. The culture in this region is rich and active, dating back to the 14th century, when the interlucustrine kingdoms were created. People here are quite kind and open to strangers. The King’s Palace and Cultural Museum in Butare, Omuami’s Palace and the various Genocide Memorial Sites in Kigali, Gisenyi and Nyamata among others, have all drawn both local and foreign visitors.

How to Book your Rwanda Safari Tour.

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