Safety of a Rwanda Safari

Safety of a Rwanda Safari: The Rwanda safari is one of the most memorable safaris that you can take part in while in Africa for rewarding experiences.  Rwanda as a country has a lot to offer to a number of different tourists that are interested in exploring the land of 1000 hills and the different attractions it has t follow from natural landforms that characterise of wildlife that can be seen when you participate in gorilla trekking in Rwanda, golden monkey trekking and  tracking the big five animals among other activities that can be seen in the different national park in Rwanda, relief features like the virunga mountains, mount Kigali, the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, lake Ihema  and many other features.

Safety of a Rwanda Safari

During the safari, you can also get to understand The rich culture of the people of Rwanda that can be understood by engaging in a number of activities like the cultural tours in Rwanda, Rwanda genocide tour that will help you understand more about the events that shaped the people of Rwanda among other activities that will make your Rwanda safari. A number of tourists that visit Rwanda come to the country because of the guaranteed safety that is linked to their stay in the country that makes the Rwanda safari memorable because of the fact that there is no threat to their existence in the country.

A number of travellers that come into Rwanda are still having fear of the 1994 Rwanda genocide thinking the country in=s a war zone but its should be noted that the 1994 Rwanda genocide was a blessing in disguise because of the fact that after all the divisions that led to the death of a number of people, the rise of the Rwanda patriotic front was able to restore the country to its lost glory. this in a way it made it stronger as a united country than it ever was thus banning a number of cultural umbrellas that divide and becoming one country and this in the long run has contributed to the safety of the country including the people and destinations for travellers to visit the country to participate in their Rwanda safari and among the different measures that are being exercised to ensure that the country, activities carried out within the country are safe include the following;


Briefing session

Before you take part in any activities during your Rwanda safari it is mandatory for you to take part in a briefing session in order to have an insight of the activity that you have chosen to participate in, this is done to avoid any accidents that can affect the health of the traveller or also affect their property in any way hence having a terrible experience while on their Rwanda safari. In adventure activities like gorilla trekking golden monkey trekking, virunga mountains hike you are advised to take part in the briefing session in order for you to understand how to conduct yourself during the activities  for example during gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, you are advised to follow the rules and regulations of gorilla trekking in Rwanda to avoid fatal accidents like being attacked by gorillas after using a flash camera in the presence of the primates, avoid making noise in the presence of the gorillas among other safety measures that ensure the safety of the travellers and hence the safety of the Rwanda safari.

 Security personnel

tourism activities in every destination are only sold in places where they are safe and authorised by the Rwanda Development Board  the tourism board of Rwanda that has a number of regulations that should be followed by different destinations among which include  security personnel at the destinations to ensure that they maintain the security of visitors by providing maximum security during their activities. at the different destinations you will see the security personnel guarding the areas for the safety of the clients and during some activities like gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking you are always accompanied by an armed ranger to ensure that yoy are not attacked by any vicious animals that can  be fatal. In other activities you are always accompanied by security personnel aswell to ensure safety.

Security check points 

At any destination that you choose to carry out your tourism activities from you are advised to always go through the security check point so that you are detected of any security threats like  a number of weapons that can pose threats to other travellers for instance  guns, bombs, knives that can be a threat to your  safety of the Rwanda safari. This is done in order for you to take part in the tourism activities in the park in a safe environment that ensures safety of the Rwanda safari  which is also a nother reasons why a number of tourists have visited Rwanda.

Safety of a Rwanda Safari
Safety of a Rwanda Safari

Well trained personnel 

During the different activities in case of any questions regarding your safety during the different activities, you should always ask help from the security personnel that will ensure that you have a memorable Rwanda safari. The well trained personnel will take you through the briefing session and how to conduct yourself during the different activities for a safe activity in the destinations and in rare occasions where you need a well trained service provider to accompany you during your activity they  will be available to take you through the activities for security purposes.

The security of Rwanda

Rwanda at large is a very secure destination where the locals follow the safety regulations of the country and in the long run maintains law and order in the country. I should also be noted that at every town of Rwanda, there is a local police station and on the streets there are always the army tat helps to maintain the security of the locals and the travellers that come in the country and because of this crime rates in Rwanda are very low because of the vigilance of the police and the army making the Rwanda safari a very safe safari.                    

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