The Cost of a Rwanda Safari Tour: Rwanda is a preferred destination for many people who want to see mountain gorillas and other wildlife. Rwanda’s tourist business is expanding, with more people visiting each year. When organizing a safari to Africa, and particularly to Rwanda, there are a few elements to consider, the most important of which are your interests and the type of safari you want.

A Rwanda safari tour includes excursions to animal parks, primate trekking, and a mix of cultural activities infused with Rwandan history. You may also combine your safari with a beach safari and some mountain hikes. Rwanda is a small country with four national parks: Akagera National Park in eastern part of Rwanda, the country’s only wildlife national park, Volcanoes National Park, famous for mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, Gishwati Mukura National Park, and Nyungwe Forest National Park, which are mostly visited to trek chimps and enjoy the canopy walk.

If you want to visit Rwanda, there is no set pricing for safaris, which is why we have a choice of Rwanda safari packages for you to select from. The cost of a Rwanda safari is also decided by a variety of things such as the activities you want to do, the number of days you want to spend on safari, the number of people you want to go with, the quality of accommodation you want, and even the type of vehicle you want to use. How do these variables impact the cost of your Rwanda safari tour?

Accommodation during your Rwanda Safari Tour.

Rwanda’s four national parks provide a variety of housing options, including camping, a cheap option, a midrange option, and a luxury option. The type of lodging you want to stay in has a big impact on how much money you’ll spend on the safari. You should also keep in mind that the type of hotel you pick in a foreign nation will have a significant impact on your overall experience.

Rwanda Gorillas

Your budget, or how much you are prepared to spend on the Rwanda safari, will also influence the type of lodging you choose. Fortunately, the most frequented Volcanoes National Park offers a large variety of hotels to select from, with prices ranging from $50 USD for a basic accommodation to $2,000 USD for a top luxury room on a per-night basis. Contacting a reputable travel operator can help you make a more informed selection. It is also suggested to schedule a night’s hotel near the park headquarters to prevent being late for the next day’s activities.

Activities to do during your Rwanda Safari Tour.

The activities you choose to do in Rwanda will also have a huge impact on how much your Rwanda safari will cost. If you plan on visiting the country to climb the Volcanoes National Park’s mountain gorillas, you need budget more than $1,500 USD per person, as the mountain gorilla permit is only $1,500 USD. However, if you stay a week in the nation, you may be eligible for a discount.

We can get this permit for you and keep it for when you are ready to hike the gorillas, or we can create a fully comprehensive gorilla trekking safari for you at a reasonable price.

Choice of safari vehicle;

What is a safari if not accompanied by a safari vehicle? Rwandan safari tour providers provide a variety of possibilities from which to pick. You can choose a super custom, a safari van, a land cruiser, or if you have a large party, an extended land cruiser or a minibus for groups. The daily rental rate for each of these vehicles varies, as does the fuel usage, which is a crucial factor in estimating a Rwanda safari tour.

The Cost of a Rwanda Safari Tour
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

If time allows, you may become interested in completing some extra activities not included in the schedule while on your wildlife safari tour in Rwanda, which will undoubtedly result in you spending more money on the safari. If museum visits, tea plantation tours, or beach stopovers are not included in the safari and you acquire an interest during the safari, the cost of the trip will be raised.

Rwanda is a really beautiful country with many skillful hands that may entice you to buy their handcrafted goods or even hire porters when visiting the national parks. You can only estimate the cost of your desired safari after contacting an expert tour operator who will help you. We eagerly await your response.

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