The Low Season In Uganda : The low season in Uganda is the period in the country where the number of travellers that make their way to the country are low because of the unfavorable weather conditions that can limit and hinder the participation in a number of activities. The low season in Uganda is considered as the wet season and it is during the months of March to May and from September to December. With this guide to the low season in Uganda, we are going to understand what to expect during the season, the different activities you can participate in during your Uganda safari for a memorable Uganda safari experience.

The Low Season In Uganda

Why should travel during the low season

During the low season less people travel because on the unfavorable weather conditions less people will travel and with this, you will get the opportunity to have more chances to participate in a number of activities because less people book for permits to participate in the different activities during your wildlife safaris in Uganda.

Also important to note about the low season is less travellers make their way to the country hence the air tickets are discounted because less people book for flights and because the airlines would not like to miss out on making money because less people hence this has led to the cut on the ticket fares so make use of the discount and visit the country and get to spend less on your transportation costs.

Activities to take part in the low season

Gorilla trekking in Uganda can also be carried out during the wet season which will give you the chance to watch the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild as they carry out their daily activities in the wild. It should be noted that during gorilla trekking in the rainy season, food is readily available which limits the movement of the gorillas in the wild hence making it quite easy for travellers to access the species in the shortest time. Travellers can obtain a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda at a price of 700USD. With gorilla trekking in the low season travellers can also obtain discounted gorilla permits which will ensure you have the most rewarding safari experience.

The game drives ion Uganda which will lead you to a number of destinations in the country like Murchison falls national park, Kidepo national park, lake Mburo national park and queen Elizabeth national park where you will have the chance to track a number of species in the wild like the big five animals like the leopards, elephants, lions and the buffaloes as they graze within the plains the carnivores as they catch their prey in the wild. With the game drives, the grass is greener during the raining season which attracts many animals to come to the plains to graze hence visibility of the species in the plains.

Birding in Uganda during the wet season is also quite rewarding because you will get the chance to watch about 150 bird species during their birding safaris in Uganda which will give you access to the species in the wild.

The Low Season In Uganda
Queen Elizabeth National Park Elephants

Packing list

  • Carry the perfect hiking shoes to avoid slipping as you hike along the slippery trails in the national parks
  • Carry some waterproof jacket and a hat for when it rains in the wild
  • You should also pack some insect repellent to avoid getting bitten by a number of insects like tsetse flies, mosquitoes that will make your safari experience in the wild quite uncomfortable.
  • Carry some comfortable clothes that will make your safari experience quite comfortable.
  • You should also pack a water proof back pack to carry your items for photography like a camera, insect repellent and so on.
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