The silverback gorilla is the centre of attention for every gorilla family with their grey fur that can be seen on their back that tends to turn silver when exposed to the sun. it should be noted that the silverbacks in the gorilla families have more chances to becoming the dominant silverback in a particular gorilla family. If you’re interested in knowing more about the silver back in a particular gorilla family, participate in gorilla trekking in Africa where you can choose any other destinations for gorilla trekking in Africa where you can see a number of gorilla families and these include gorilla trekking in Uganda, gorilla trekking in Rwanda and gorilla trekking in Congo.

For the mountain gorillas in Africa you can access the habituated gorilla families by participating in gorilla trekking in Virunga national park, gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park and gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park where the gorillas can be accessed when you participate in hiking the Virunga mountains, for the eastern lowland gorillas in Africa, they can be accessed when you participate in gorilla trekking in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

How do they get to become the dominant silverback?

For a silver back to become the dominant gorilla in the group, it has to challenge the dominant silverback for the position of the ruler for each group. Interesting about the challenge is the fact that if the silverback is unable to defeat the dominant silverback, he will be chased away from the gorilla family because it is a sign of disrespect therefore they will be chased off by a few females from the group so as to start their own family.  Once the challenger is successful the dominant silverback is also chased away from the group and on rare occasions he can stay in the gorilla group.

Duties of a dominant silverback in the group

Since the dominant silver back is responsible for the gorilla family, he is expected to carry out a number of duties in a gorilla family and these include;

The Silverback Gorilla
The Silverback Gorilla

Expansion of a gorilla family

A gorilla family is expected to expand a gorilla family and they can use all means possible to make sure they increase the number of gorillas in a gorilla family and this can be done through raiding other gorilla families for their gorilla members and this can lead to tension between the gorillas in the wild and this is among the main reason why gorillas can be seen fighting one another. The dominant silver back can also expand the gorilla family by mating with that adult female of the group because he has all the mating rights with all the adult females in the group. It should be noted it’s the duty of the adult females to entice the gorillas into mating with them and during ovulation, the adult females can be seen being aggressive towards one another because the dominant silverback is able to mate with only one adult female in the group and because more attention, protection and priority is put on the expecting adult gorilla in the group it leads the adult females in the group to fight for the attention of the dominant silverback in the group.

Protect the gorilla family

The dominant silver back is responsible to protect the gorillas in the gorilla family and this is can be against other gorilla families in the wild that usually attack one another to expand the gorilla family and it’s the duty of the dominant silverback to protect the gorilla members in a particular gorilla family therefore the dominant silverback is responsible to protect the members against external and internal conflicts and within the group, the silverback is responsible maintain harmony within the family.

The Silverback Gorilla
The Silverback Gorilla

Search for shelter

He is responsible for establishing a shelter for the gorilla, nests that are free from parasites and also safe from any predators and external attacks. The place that the dominant silver back chooses to set up nests usually have food to avoid walking long distances in search for food usually the gorillas can walk up to 500 metres in such of food. It should be noted that the gorillas construct the different nests every day to avoid breeding of parasites in their beddings.

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