Things to do on River Nile in Uganda  : River Nile is the longest river in the world with a number of tributaries that feeds the Nile river and these include the Blue Nile, White Nile and Atbara and in Uganda it is the White Nile which is the longest of the tributaries. The White Nile emerges as the Victoria Nile and moves along the swampy Lake Kyoga and Murchison falls before reaching Lake Albert and then continues north forming the Albert Nile and as it continues flowing it becomes the mountain Nile in South Sudan joining the Gazelle River where it is now called the White Nile and when it moves to Sudan near Khartoum where it meets the Blue Nile. Visiting the source of the Nile in Uganda will lead you to Jinja town a city known for its beautiful attractions, a number of rewarding activities making it one of the different spots to visit in Uganda for an adventurous time in the country.

Here are some of the top things to do on river Nile in Uganda once you make your way to the pearl of Africa.

White water rafting

White water rafting in Uganda is among the most rewarding adventure experience that you should not miss out while visiting the country. The activity is carried out on River Nile all year round therefore depending on anytime you visit the country you can take part in the activity because of the good climatic conditions in the country. While taking part in the activity, you will enjoy the warm water hitting your face as you row so hard to remain afloat on board as you row through the rapids and as you make your way to the calm waters where you can take a dip as you enjoy the wildlife like the vibrant birds for a memorable experience.

Things to do on River Nile in Uganda
White water Rafting

Jet boating

Are you interested in speeding through the waters of the Nile? Then jet boating in river Nile is the activity for you. The activity will give you the chance watching and enjoying clear blue skies vies and the surrounding vegetation covers that are a home to a number of wildlife like the monkeys swinging within the tree branches. You will also enjoy the white waters as you speed on the water enjoying the increasing water levels as you ride along the water sources in the wild

Bungee Jumping

For the adventurous travellers, bungee jumping will give you an adrenaline rush jumping from as high as 40 M from the high ground. Bungee jumping will give you exceptional views from up the ground as you make your way to the water that you will get to kiss which is quite thrilling to take part in. interesting about the activity is the fact that it is quite safe operated by professionals you should not be afraid taking part in it. It takes a short time taking in the activity therefore you can pair it with another adventure activity while on the Nile to make the safari quite rewarding.


Among the top things to do on river Nile in Uganda, kayaking is quite adventurous however quite relaxing are the same time the activity involves travellers the activity will give you relaxing adventures watching the surrounding communities that are eye-catching, you will get to watch the local fishermen making their way to catch some fish and many other rewarding views.

Things to do on River Nile in Uganda
Kayaking on River Nile


You can also swim in River Nile in Uganda, Jinja this is because the water is bilharzia free which makes them safe for swimming without having to worry about contracting diseases. You can also take part in Horseback riding which will give you the chance to enjoy back rides as you observe a number of rewarding features of the wild.

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