Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rwanda  : Are you planning on visiting Rwanda on your nest trip to Africa? Get ready to be amused with the most beautiful attractions that will makes the country one of the most visited tourism destinations in Africa and with these top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda that cover different aspects like history, food, wildlife and so on, you will see why the country is among the top tourism destination in Africa that have attracted a number of travellers all over the world to visit it.

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The rolling hills in Rwanda

 The rolling hills of Rwanda are among the most famous tourist attractions and one of the main reasons why a number of tourists visit the country. It should be noted that the country is home to 1000 hills hence the name the land of the 1000 hills, so while you visit Rwanda, you can participate in cycling along the hills, participate in mount Kigali hike and get to see a number of rewarding views of Kigali city, you can hike to the horse riding school and participate in horse riding, observe the ways of living of the people of Rwanda along the slopes. You will also get to visit a number of tea and coffee plantations along the hills and see how coffee and tea is grown harvested and processed and at the end of your tea and coffee experience, you’ll get to taste one of the world’s best organic coffee and tea that have won a number of prestigious international awards.

The culture

 Among the top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda that you should not miss out to enjoy is the culture of the people of Rwanda which will help you explore the culture and the heritage of the people of Rwanda and this can be explored by visiting a number of cultural villages in the country like kitabi cultural village, the iby’iwacu cultural village which will give you an insight of the authentic culture of the people Rwanda before modernity. While visiting the iby’iwacu village you will get to see how the village has been able to preserve its culture through tourism you will be entertained by the traditional folk songs, you will get to watch their traditional dances and get to see the cultural practices like medicine making using herbs, you will also get to see the traditional dishes and how they are cooked and also get to taste the food which will ensure you have an amazing experience in Rwanda.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rwanda
Iby’iwacu Cultural Village

The food

You cannot visit Rwanda and fail to try a variety of its delicious cuisines to make your Rwanda safari quite memorable. Understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda by tasting any of their delicious cuisines in a number of restaurants around the country. You can visit a number of restaurants like where you will get to taste a number of food cuisines like ibiryo, ikivuguto, isombe, Urwagwa among other food dishes to make your safari quite memorable.

The mountain gorillas

The mountain gorillas in Rwanda are the most famous attractions in the country which is among the main reasons why travellers from around the world are visiting volcanoes national park in Rwanda. it should be noted that Rwanda is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas that can be accessed when you hike the Virunga mountains in Rwanda like mount bisoke, mount gahinga, mount muhabura, mount karisimbi and mount sabyinyo that will lead you to the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda which you will spend one hour with understanding their behaviour in the wild for an amazing gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda. among the different features you will get to observe is the fact that gorillas are quite tall species, you can watch how they groom one another, you will observe their mating sessions in case you visit the gorilla families when the adult females are ovulating it should be noted that for the dominant silverback who has all the mating rights with the adult females in the group they will have to entice the male to mate with them.

The golden monkeys during your primate safaris in Rwanda, you will have amazing experience tracking the golden monkeys another endangered primate species that are endemic to the Albertine rift and can also be seen in Mgahinga national park and Virunga national park. during golden monkey trekking in Rwanda get ready to understand more about the species by spending one hour with them in the wild as part of the top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda.

Kigali Genocide memorial museum

Are you interested in knowing more about the 1994 Rwanda genocide then you should take part in the Rwanda genocide tour where you will visit the Kigali genocide memorial museum which will give you the chance to observe a number of display areas that will give you an insight of the events that led to the devastating time in the park and these may include audio messages from the victims, video recording of the murderers that carried out the mass killings which is quite a very heart-breaking activity but will give you hope at the end of the tour around the museum you will see how far the country has come to become one of the united countries in Africa and among the safest to visit during your African safaris and the world at large.


The chimpanzees are among the top 10 tourist attractions in Rwanda that you should also visit this is because of how rewarding the primates that can be seen in Nyungwe national park. chimpanzee trekking is among the few activities in Nyungwe national park that will give you the most rewarding experiences as they will give you the chance to observe a number of rewarding features of the primates like how playful they are, you will get to observe their reproduction for instance during ovulation, the females will be seen having red swelling on their bottoms which symbolise that they are ready to mate with the males in the group among other features.

Still in Nyungwe national park, you can take part in monkey trekking given the fact that there are a number of monkey species that can be seen when you visit the park, you can participate in the Isumo waterfalls hike which will lead you to the Isumo waterfalls in Rwanda, you can also participate in the canopy walk which lead you to a number of rewarding attractions and also give you the chance to watch beautiful aerial views of the park.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rwanda
Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe

Hotel des mile Collines

Remember the manager Paul Rusesabagina that helped a number of tutsis one of the tribes in Rwanda that were being killed by another tribe the hutus country wide by hiding them in the hotel providing food and shelter for them which led to the making of the film Hotel Rwanda that showed his acts during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. I can tell you that the hotel is still in existence and on your next visit in Rwanda pass by the hotel and tour around enjoy some of the most amazing dishes from the different cultures in the world including the Rwandan dishes too.


For borders, Rwanda is the perfect to watch a variety of bird species in the wild to make your safari quite memorable. During birding in Rwanda, you will come across numerous bird species as you visit Nyungwe national park, Akagera national park, lake kivu where you will get to access a number of bird species from the Albertine endemic bird species, migratory species from Europe, a number of bird species from the Guinea-Congo biome and some of the bird species that you will get to see include; turaco, Ross’s turaco, coqui Francolin, long tailed cisticola, bubbling cisticola, Miombo wren warbler, Chubb’s cisticola, the long-crested eagle handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Batis Dusky turtle love, paradise flycatcher, archer’s ground robin, African Rwenzori, double collared sunbird, marsh harrier, Ruwenzori turaco, common moorhen Ruwenzori night jar, grey throated tit, the dusky crimson wing and red-faced woodland warbler among other bird species that will make your birding safaris in Rwanda quite fulfilling.

Big five animals

For adventure tourists you can track the big five animals in Rwanda like the elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, leopard and the lions by taking part in the game drives in Akagera national park which will also give you the chance to see a number of herbivores grazing in savannah plains during the morning game drives and during the evening game drives you’ll watch the carnivores hunting for their prey in the park. still in the park you can participate in the in the boat cruise on lake Ihema which will give you the opportunity to watch a number of attractions including  the endangered shoe bill stork among other rewarding attractions.

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