Top Things To Do In Kampala City : Kampala city is the capital city of Uganda which borders Lake Victoria in the Southeast which is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and Africa’s largest. The city is famous for its 7 hills however making your way to the city, you will get to observe a number of different destinations as you participate in a number of different tourism activities. Here are the top things to do in kampala city which will ensure that you have the most rewarding Uganda safari.

Visit some of the local restaurant

Uganda is among the different African countries with a variety of cuisines to choose from and for travellers interested in tasting some of the local dishes in the country embarking on a restaurant tour in kampala city will give you the most rewarding safari experience. get to taste some of the local dishes for instance luwombo which involves any protein of your choice like beef, chicken steamed in banana leaves to give it a rich aroma and taste. You can also visit a number of other restaurants with exotic cuisines from Italy, India and many other different cuisines in the wild.

Visit the Uganda museum

Visit the Uganda Museum to understand more about the history of Uganda. it should be noted that the country is famous for its unique displays showcasing Uganda’s heritage. Among the different displays you will get to watch include the different traditional attires of the people of Uganda, you will also get the chance to watch the different archeological finds like the remains of early man, you can also visit some of the restaurants at the museum that showcase the different tribes and culture of the people of Rwanda through food by visiting the Ankole, the Buganda house and many other houses that represent the different tribes in the country to make the safari experience quite memorable.

Night life

Unwind after a long day in the country by visiting some of the night clubs in Uganda and get to enjoy the night life in Uganda. you will watch how the people of Uganda get to have fun after a long day working to meet their needs, you will listen to some of the Ugandan music and get to dance to it enjoying every moment you spend in the club. The night life in kampala is quite unmatched with different secure spots that can close the next morning. Have an amazing time with your friends and also get to enjoy the beauty of it all engaging with a number of locals in the country.

Nakasero market

Visit Nakasero market in Kampala city if you’re interested to watch how the different locals carryout their daily transactions with one another. Nakasero market is among the oldest markets in the country where you will get to purchase a number of organic fruits in the wild, you will have the opportunity engage with the local people you can also get to buy a number of local herbs that are believed to cure a number of diseases like impotence, headaches, stomach ulcers and many other diseases.

Top Things To Do In Kampala City
Nakasero market

The king’s palace

While in kampala city you can visit the king’s palace in mengo where you will get to understand more about the history of the kingdom of Rwanda whose king invited the missionaries that introduced Christianity in Uganda and also taught people how to read and write, you will also get to watch a replica of the Buckingham palace which was built that you will get to watch when you visit. At the palace you will also get to watch Idi Amin’s torture chance where a number of people were Killed under the regime of one the world’s dictators Idi Amin that banned the Indians from Uganda.

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