Tourism Towns of Rwanda

Tourism Towns of Rwanda: Rwanda is a small landlocked country sited on 26,338 square kilometers of land with a population of 12.6 million people making it Africa’s most densely populated country. Rwanda may be the most populated but still manages to be Africa’s cleanest country. The biggest number of people staying in Rwanda is the youth with a few veterans. Unlike in the colonial times, Rwanda now has a constitution that divided the country into provinces with districts to cities.

This country has about 18 cities within its borders with five provinces that is the Kigali Province that has Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, Kicukiro and Rutongo, the Southern province that has Nyanza which is the provincial capital, Muhanga, Kamonyi, Ruhango, Butare, Gisagara, Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, the Northern province that has the Byumba which is the provincial capital and Ruhengeri, the western province that has Kibuye as the provincial capital city, Cyangugu and Gisenyi. Tourism being a major foreign exchange earner in the country, most of these cities is considered tourist hot spots with outstanding attractions.

Kigali city. 

This is the very first city (Tourism Towns of Rwanda) any foreign traveler will land in because of the presence of the Kigali International airport in this city. Kigali city is strategically positioned in the middle of all the other four provinces of Rwanda. The clean streets of Kigali will welcome you as you connect to your hotel or next destination. Kigali is the business hub being the capital city of Rwanda and the main trading city and many offices along with the government and administration quarters are set up in this city. 

On your visit to Kigali Rwanda, be sure to check out some of the great tour points like the Kigali Genocide memorial ground where you are taken on a walk down memory lane of the events that occurred in the 1994 gruesome genocide that claimed lives of up to one millions Rwandan people, visit the burial gardens and the permanent exhibitions with a plaque of the people who perished in this war. If you are interested in the museums, you can check out the Kandt museum that depicts the gradual change in Rwanda from before the colonial times, during the colonial times and the current. Also check out the Rwanda art museum that boosts both the local and modern pieces of Art. While in Kigali, check out the Kigali Cultural center where the Rwandan arts showcase their goods for sale and also take some time to pass by the Kigali Conference center that is built in the form of the King’s Palace in the olden days. Kigali boosts of so much culture of the Rwandan people.

Rubavu town 

This is a great town to visit to cool off and enjoy the breeze from the Lake Kivu. Rubavu town is an ideal destination for the beach lovers and leisure tourists looking for relaxing getaway. Rubavu town is a 1 hour drive from Volcanoes national park and a 3 to 4 hour drive away from Kigali. You can opt to have a stopover at Rubavu town enroute to Nyungwe forest from Volcanoes national park or vice versa. There are long beaches along the shores of Lake Kivu that you can walk on, sock your feet in the water, kayak on Lake Kivu or just enjoy reading a book at the shores as you watch the sunset. 

Rubavu town is also the starting point of the Congo Nile Trail that stretches 227 kms south to Rusizi another town in Rwanda. You can take on this Congo Nile trail on a bike or by foot enjoying the stunning view points and also get to interact with people on the way. Take on a birding safari when in Rubavu, visit a tea or coffee plantation for the experience of learning the processing of tea or coffee finished product.  

rubavi town

Karongi town

Do you want to experience the Rwandan beach and interact with a number of the natives? Then look no further than visiting a beach in Karongi town where a number of Rwanda revelers tend to spend time and unwind. Take on a kayaking experience on the Lake Kivu when in Karongi which you can hire the kayaks from the hotels around. You can also visit the Napoleons Island on a small engine boat and get a chance to visit the colony of fruit bats and have a meal at one of the Amahoro Island’s restaurants. 

Also for the night experience in Karongi town, you can engage in the night fishing experience with the locals. The Mukura forest found in the north west of Karongi is famous for the abundant birdlife of about 150 recorded species so be sure to create some time for a bird watching experience if interested.

karongi town

Musanze town

Formerly known as Ruhengeri town (Tourism Towns of Rwanda), Musanze town is the home to the endangered mountain gorilla species. This Musanze town is located at the foothill of the Virunga Massif and the major economic activities of the region are tourism, business and agriculture favored by the fertility associated with the terrain and altitude of the area.

This is the town that hosts every tourist headed for the mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park with the park headquarters being 13 kilometers away. This town is a very tourist convenient area with a number of restaurants, ATMs, simple lodging, safe and vibrant night life and crafts for souvenirs. Aside from mountain gorilla trekking, a tourist can visit the Musanze caves, visit the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo or take on a cycling tour with some of the cycling companies in the area. 

musanze town

 Nyanza town

This is the administrative capital of the southern province of Rwanda is a major tourism point because of its heritage value hosting the King’s palace. This is newly reconstructed palace that depicts the royal residence of the King shaped like a bee hive in a craft make. You will get to see the long horned Ankole cattle at the back that are descendants from the King’s herd that are cared for by herd’s men of the palace who sing to them often. A lot of cultural history is kept in this place so be sure to pass by enroute to or from Nyungwe forest national park from or Kigali. While in Nyanza town, also take some time to visit the Ethnographic museum that has artifacts and exhibits of the Rwandan culture.

Rusizi town

Rusizi is a small town at the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the south and is usually the connecting route of visitors of the Kahuzi Biega national park for lowland gorilla trekking experience. This town is just 30 minutes away from Bukabu town of DR Congo. You can spend a night in an accommodation in Rusizi and cross into DR Congo for your lowland gorilla trek in the morning. 

Kibeho town

For the religious tourists, Kibeho is usually the ideal destination where big numbers flock this town headed to Kibeho church as their focus point. The Roman Catholics from all over the world are the biggest number of individuals that make pilgrimage to this place in honor of the Virgin Mary and the holy receive the Holy Communion. The Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared here on the 28th of November in 1981. The biggest dates for this church is on the 15th August that is the Assumption day and the 28th August the day Virgin Mary appeared on every year. This place hosts up to 30,000 visitors on those days from all over the world and about 100 visitors per week from the neighbouring Uganda, Congo and Rwanda itself.

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