Travel Guide for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Travel Guide for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda: Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda is among the most rewarding activities that can be carried out during your Rwanda safari. The activity involves tracking the endangered primate species that can be accessed along the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Gahinga and Mount Bisoke.  During golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park, you will have an amazing time as you spend on hour with the golden monkey,  as you get to understand their behaviour in the wild and because of the fact that the primates are endemic to the Albertine rift and the largest number can be seen in volcanoes national park has attracted a number of travellers to visit the home to not only the mountain gorillas but also the golden monkeys.

Travel Guide for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Where to find golden monkeys

In order to access the golden monkeys, you will have to take part in golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, volcanoes national park where you will have to hike the virunga mountains in order to access the habituated golden monkey troops.  Along the different virunga mountains namely mount Muhabura, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, mount karisimbi and mount Bisoke where you will be able to access the troops within the bamboo trees of the park. during golden monkey trekking you will have the chance to see a number of rewarding attractions that will make golden monkey trekking in Rwanda very memorable like bird species along the slopes of the mountains for instance the long-crested eagle handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Batis Dusky turtle love, paradise flycatcher, archer’s ground robin, African Rwenzori, double collared sunbird, marsh harrier, Ruwenzori turaco, common moorhen Ruwenzori night jar, grey throated tit, the dusky crimson wing, red-faced woodland warbler and so on. Primate species like the vervet monkey, mona monkey, dent monkey, grey cheeked mangabey, golden monkeys among other primate species as you make your way to the habituated troops that will make your activity quite memorable observing the endangered primate species.

Where to get trekking permits  

In order for an traveller interested in taking part in golden monkey trekking, they should first obtain a trekking permit that  can be got from the Rwanda development board the tourism board of Rwanda or from authorised tourism operators in Rwanda throughout the country or a trusted tour company in Rwanda at a fair price of ,,,,,,,,,,in order for you not  to miss out o having an amazing experience during your  Rwanda safari

Price inclusions 

After obtaining the golden monkey trekking permit you will be able to access the golden monkeys and also access a few services in the park for free but there are also a number of services that are not accessible even after obtaining a golden monkey trekking permit that can be seen as part of their price inclusions and exclusions.


  • Knowledgeable guide, during golden monkey trekking, you will have the chance to be accompanied by a guide who is knowledgeable about the different hiking trails in order to access the primates, he will take you through trails that are safe and once you reach the primates, he will give you all the relevant information concerning the primates and how they conduct themselves in the wild and in case of any questions he will be able to answer them for a memorable safari.
  • An armed ranger, during the activity you will also be accompanied by the ranger whose duty is to ensure that you take part in the activity in a very safe  environment  and because the park is a home to a number of wild animals the ranger carries the gun with him in order to avoid any accidents like being attacked by vicious animals
  • One hour with the primates, the golden monkey trekking permit also gives you the chance to spend one hour with the primates observing their behavioiur for a rewarding experience.


  • Park entrance fees, just to differ from gorilla trekking in Rwanda where you don’t pay for the park entrance fees after obtaining its permit, for golden monkey trekking, you are supposed to pay for a permit.
  • The golden monkey trekking permits only give you a chance to participate in the activity and if you’re interested in participating in other activities, you will have to pay for them.
  • During golden monkey trekking it noted that the activity involves hiking te Virunga Mountains that can be tiring therefore assistance is required for slow trekkers with their luggage. The assistance can be provided by porters that can be hired from the par headquarters at fair fee in order for you to have an amazing time in the park.
Travel Guide for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda
Travel Guide for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Packing list for gorilla trekking

  • Hiking shoes, you should have the perfect and comfortable hiking avoid slipping during the hike along the steep slopes of the Virunga Mountains during golden monkey trekking. It should be noted that the weather in the park is quite unpredictable that it can rain at any given time of the year be it in the dry season.
  • Insect repellent, volcanoes national park is a home to a number of disease spreading insects like tsetse flies, mosquitoes, black flies, and many more that can be a threat to your health therefore in order to avoid such scenarios, you should always apply insect repellent to avoid insect bites.
  • Binoculars although are optional can also be carried given the fact that the park is a home to over 350bird species that can be seen as you hike to the habituated golden monkey troops therefore in order not to miss out seeing the bird species, you should consider carrying binoculars.
  • Raincoat should also be carried because of the unpredictable weather conditions of the park hat can  give inconvenience your activity.
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