Umuganda Day in Rwanda : When you think about Rwanda the first thing that comes to mind is the Rwanda genocide that happened in 1994 where a number of tutsis were killed by the Hutu and for tourists interested in understanding more about the dark period take part in the Rwanda genocide tour where you will visit a number of genocide memorial museums like the Kigali genocide memorial museum. It is also noted that the mountain gorillas are among the famous attractions that make Rwanda known because of the fact that it is home to half of the world remaining mountain gorillas that can be seen when you take part in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park.

Other activities that can make you Rwanda safaris quite rewarding is golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park, hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda  you will also get to see the big five animals in Rwanda when you take part in a number of activities in Akagera national park like  game drives in Akagera national park, the boat cruise on lake Ihema and among other activities in Rwanda which have attracted  number of tourists from all over the wold to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda is also  famous for being among the few countries in Africa, that decided to go green banning plastic and all the activities  that are not eco- friendly making it one of the cleanest countries and the cleanest in east Africa with  a number of clean roads, no plastic polythene, only recyclable items cleaning flowing water sources like streams, wells, stagnant water and dirty slums have been eliminated due to a number of measures that are exercised by the government but the most notable one being the Umuganda day.

Umuganda Day in Rwanda
Umuganda Day in Rwanda

Before Umuganda day which translates to coming together to work together, the day was called umibyizi which means the day set aside by friends and family to help each other. It was introduced after Rwanda received her independence in 1962 to carry out nation building, in 1974 the activity became a regular activity that was carried out on a regular basis every once in a week which was being overseen by the ministry of district development however with the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the activity was stopped due to the mass killings in the country that destroyed a number of infrastructures, people lost their lives and many other destructions in the country and this was carried out for three hours from 8:00am.

After the end of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the activity was re-introduced because of the destruction of a number of infrastructures in the country in order to rebuild it from bottom u to restore its lost glory and to this day, the Umuganda day has been carried out every last Saturday of the month and this has made the country one of the cleanest and one of the most hospitable places to visit because the country is blessed with people that work together and quite safe.

Although the activity in the country has achieved a number of things like infrastructure development and so much more, it was not well received at first because it was seen as a sign of forced labour but with a number of significant achievements, the numbers of participants increased and as time went on it became compulsory for each Rwanda citizen to participate in the nation building activity however those that are above 65 years the activity is optional and for tourists interested in taking part in the activity, they can take part in the activity and  for the tourists that are not interested in taking part In the activity, there are no penalties for them.

There have been a number of achievements that the Umuganda day has registered from the re-introduction of the Umuganda day which has contributed to infrastructure development, cleanliness if streets, clean water source and so on but it should be noted that the activity has also helped to build the country from top to bottom with the people coming together with the village heads to discuss about the village problems and find solutions together.

Umuganda Day in Rwanda
Umuganda Day in Rwanda

Although it is done all over the country, the country is still facing a number of low participation by the citizens because it is believed to be a wastage of time and forced labour because of poor planning it has led to less achievements and unrealistic targets but with this the country has come up with a number of measures to ensure that there is increased participation in the activity for instance; there have been a number of campaigns raising awareness of the benefits of participation in the activity, and a number of campaigns on televisions and radio shows to inform the Rwandans to participate in the Umuganda day in Rwanda for an amazing Rwanda tour.

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