Visit Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda

Visit Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda : Kibiro Hot Springs are located in the fishing hamlet of Kibiro, which is located on the southern beaches of Lake Albert in western Uganda. Kibiro hot springs and Salt gardens are located around 35 kilometres by road north of Hoima town in Hoima district, specifically in Kigorobya sub-county. Kibiro is located at the base of the western rift valley, with an escarpment rising to roughly 100 metres. Fishing on Lake Albert and slat mining at Kibiro salt gardens, which is next to the hot springs, are the main economic activity in this area. There are several salt gardens, and salt is mined using traditional methods.

Visit Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda

The hot springs’ positioning necessitates a difficult route down the escarpment, which is also an amazing experience. Water continually boils up to 100% pouring out at Kibiro hot springs. Many individuals visit the area because they believe the water may cure a variety of illnesses. As hot water emerges from the earth, bubbles develop, and you may lay bananas, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, and fresh eggs here, where they will boil until ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

This water is salty because it originates from a salty rock. It flows as a torrent from the hot springs and into Lake Albert. It is so ridiculous that some animals enter this water from the springs believing it to be the same temperature as Lake Albert and die there.

The water from the springs keeps the land wet as it runs through the places where salt mining takes place. The salt miners sprinkle dry dirt over damp soil, which eventually dries up and the salt is ready for harvesting using salt. The next step is to choose it and deposit it in large filters that are placed in large buckets. They next pour water into the salty soil on the filter, allowing it to pass through the filter and into the bucket. Heat is applied to the salt solution until only salt crystals remain.

Visit Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda
Visit Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda

Myths and Traditional Beliefs Surrounding Kibiro Hot Spring.

When you get to the hot springs, you will be greeted by a local guide who will show you around and explain the locals’ beliefs and tales surrounding the hot springs. Some of the myths and beliefs are as follows:

  • Measles, scabies, new wounds, boils, and other skin rushes and diseases are all cured by the water.
  • The water possesses magical abilities that drive away evil spirits and demons from those who are possessed.
  • When nude, one must bathe in water.
  • Bathing is done before 7:00 p.m. since it is thought that after that time, the spirits who possess the hot springs are there, and if you linger past that time, you will enrage the spirits.

What Minerals are present in Kibiro Hot Springs?

This hot spring water contains a variety of minerals and compounds that are utilized in the production of medication. Among them are potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate, magnesium chloride, and lithium sulphate. These elements may be the reason why water cures skin disorders and rushes.

What to Pack when visiting the Kibiro hot springs?

Because this location has a windy and hot environment, with yearly temperatures ranging from 22 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that you wear light clothing, bring enough of drinking water and food, and wear strong closed shoes or hiking boots.

Visit Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda
Kibiro Hot Springs In Uganda

Kibiro hot springs may be included on a Uganda safari that also includes Murchison Falls National Park and other parks in the western area including Kibale National Park.

Other Hot springs to visit in Uganda.

Other hot springs that you can visit when in Uganda include; Kitagata hot springs located along Ishaka-Kagamba road in Sheema county, Rwagimba hot springs found on River Rwimi, Amoropii hot springs that are located in Nebbi district near the famous Panyimur fishing village, Sempaya hot springs in Semuliki national park, Buranga hot springs in Bundibugyo district, and Ihimba hot springs in Kabale district.

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