Visit Rwanda on a Budget  : Visiting Rwanda can be quite intimidating for first time travellers because of how costly some of the different safaris can be when you visit Rwanda but with this guide we shall show you how to visit Rwanda on a budget and at the end of your safari, you will also get to keep some money that will help cover for other costs. As you visit Rwanda, the hefty price associated with the luxury primate safaris like the gorilla trekking in Rwanda discourage you from participating in your Rwanda safaris because there are a number of options that we have explored living in Rwanda and carrying out our operations here and these include;

There are a number of activities that you can participate in when you visit the land of 1000 hills which will give you the chance to visit a number of activities like gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, chimpanzee trekking, tourists are also interested in taking part in the canopy walk in Rwanda, golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, hiking the Virunga mountains, While you’re interested in visit Rwanda on a budget you should put into consideration a number of factors like the accommodation option, transportation means to use, where to get the cheapest food and the best time to visit for the cheapest of offers on the different tourism activities in the country for an amazing safari.

Visit Rwanda on a Budget
Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes


Accommodation is quite a big deal when you travel because comfort is key for you to be physically and emotionally relaxed to take part in a number of physically challenging activities like hiking mount Kigali, mount bisoke hike, but because a number of accommodation facilities that are advertised are quite expensive but you can opt for a number of other options from the luxury hotels that can cost over 100USD a night so you can choose to participate in camping while you visit in Nyungwe national park and for overnight stay you can spend around 8-15 USD and you can either camp at the kitabi eco centre when you visit Nyungwe national park, around volcanoes national park you can participate visit red rocks camping site where you can camp as you participate in a number of activities in volcanoes national park. you can also choose to sleep in hostels that can go between 10-15 dollars per night, you can also can choose to stay at guest houses can go for about 25-50 USD which will give you the opportunity to spend less on the accommodation as you also enjoy comfort.


While you’re interested in having an amazing experience in the park, you should consider using public means as opposed to hiring cars to get you to a number of destinations in the country. Some of the transport means you can use include the motorbikes which not only help you to access the destinations in the shortest time but also help you to save some money and for tourists that are interested in carrying out in activities within Kigali like visiting the Kigali genocide memorial museum in Rwanda during your Rwanda genocide tour. The motor bikes can range between 0.40USD-1.10USD which is quite cheap compared to the private means, you can also use taxis around the country from the different taxi parks and bus terminals in the park like 4.20USD- 4.30USD which will enable you to visit Rwanda on a budget.

Visit Rwanda on a Budget
Genocide Memorial Grounds


While participating in a number of tourism activities in Uganda, you should also consider looking for spots with cheap food s you visit Rwanda on a budget. For tourists that are interested in exploring local cuisines in the country they are advised to opt for local restaurants as opposed to restaurants at hotels that are quite costly. At the local restaurants, you can access a buffet of local food at 2000RWF which is about 2.2 USD which will help you feast on a number of different foods that will help you understand more about the culture of the people of Rwanda.

Saving tips while travelling on a budget

Opt for reusable this will help you pack some safe drinking water from hotels that is filtered this is because tap water in Rwanda is not safe for drinking until its boiled therefore you can get a re-usable water bottle that you can fill when you visit the hotels at no cost which will help you save some money buying bottled water.

You should also consider travelling during the rainy season which is the low season and because there is a low tur up of tourists that visit Rwanda which means there are discounts on gorilla permits in Rwanda, chimpanzee permit, hotels will cut their prices in order to accommodate tourists which will give you the best deals that will fit in your low budget.

You should consider being a solo travel if you’re interested in saving some money during your safari experience in the country. It should be noted that tour companies can be quite expensive as compared to you planning your own trip this is because it involves hiring private means, to help you visit the different destinations, a guide and other added benefits that you can fore go to have an amazing and cheap Rwanda safaris.

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