What is Stronger Gorillas or Chimpanzees : While participating in gorilla trekking in Africa and chimpanzee trekking in Africa there are a number of questions that arise like what is stronger gorillas or chimpanzees this because they are both intimidating primates that can be seen when you take part in the primate safaris where you will get to understand the difference between the primate species and what makes them quite strong compared to the other and also get to know what makes them quite strong species.

What makes gorillas and chimpanzees quite strong species

One of the things that make gorillas and chimpanzees quite strong species in the country include their diet. Gorillas can eat about 18 kilograms of food in the wild where they can even travel about 500 meters searching for food in the wild, the gorillas can eat food like the edible fruits like berries, bamboo trees, small invertebrates like the caterpillars, termites, centipedes, which has contributed to their mass and this has contributed to their average weight like a fully grown gorilla male is 136-227 and female is 68-113 kilograms

The chimpanzees on the other hand, are omnivorous species that can be seen eating a number of chimpanzees like figs, fruits, nuts and seeds, insects, honey, and in rare occasion where there is food scarcity they have been seen eating a number of   small animals like squirrels in the wild and in some instance they were seen feeding on wandering gorilla infants which is one of the main reasons why the chimpanzees and gorillas fight. The average weight of a female chimpanzee can weigh up to 27-50 kilograms and the average of an adult male chimpanzees is 40- 70 kilograms making the gorillas quite heavy compared to the chimpanzees all to thrill while on Rwanda Safari Tour.

Fights between gorillas and chimpanzees

Although it is rare for gorilla and chimpanzees to fight, there have been scenarios where the two species have been seen fighting and this includes a number of factors like;

Encroachment if each other’s territories, the gorillas are always on the move as they can be seen moving from one area to another because they construct different nest every night for overnight. And they can be seen fighting one another in situations where the gorillas encroach on areas where there is food in the territories of the chimpanzees. Competition on food can also lead the gorillas and chimpanzees to fight against one another because they all consume large amounts of food which can lead them to fight one another in situations where there is food scarcity and many other factors that can trigger fights among the primates.

What is Stronger Gorillas or Chimpanzees
Gorilla Vs Chimpanzee

When a gorilla can’t get out of a fight in case it is out-numbered by over 15 chimpanzees, they can be seen tearing, biting and throwing its opponents and because they are quite strong species with very strong hold and bite. When chimpanzees and gorillas get into a fight, the gorillas are likely to win   because they are 2-4 times stronger than the chimpanzees but the chimpanzees won’t go down without a fight because they are  quite aggressive species as well one of the reasons why chimpanzees get tired quite easily while fighting is the fact that their muscles consist of fast twitch fibers that burn out a lot of energy making them get tired quite fast which is not the case for the gorillas.

It should be noted that the chimpanzee muscles consist of fast twitch fibres which are quite strong but use a lot of energy making the chimpanzees fatigued much faster than the gorillas.

Other areas where you can have amazing primate safaris include Uganda where you can participate in gorilla trekking In Bwindi impenetrable national park,  out can also participate in gorilla habituation in Uganda to understand how the mountain gorillas are trained and accustomed to human presence gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park to understand more about the endangered mountain gorillas, you can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park  where you can also take part in chimpanzee habituation in Uganda.

 For other interesting features of the primates, travellers can take part in gorilla trekking in Virunga national park, gorilla trekking in kahuzi biega national park to understand more about the lowland gorillas in Congo, you can also visit the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage, you can also visit the Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary to understand more about the primate species and also get to see

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