What Is the Best Month To Visit Rwanda? Rwanda has become one of the most memorable countries that you can visit while on your Africa safari. There are a number of attractions that you will get to watch and a number of activities that you can participate in for a memorable safari experience in Rwanda as you visit the country during your wildlife safaris in Rwanda. Among the main reasons why travellers makes their way to the country is the beautiful weather. Rwanda is known for its four seasons the long rainy season that is march to May. The short rainy seasons that is September to November, the long dry season from June to August and the short dry season from December to February.

The best time to visit Rwanda is directly dependent on the activities that youโ€™re interested in participating while on your Rwanda safari because a number of different activities have the perfect time that you can participate in them however the best time to participate in the Rwanda safari where you will get clear views of the rolling hills in Rwanda and get the chance to watch a number of memorable attractions in the different destinations in the country without having to worry about poor visibility. In this article, let us help you understand more about the different activities that you can participate in in the different months of the country to make your safari experience quite memorable.

Visiting Rwanda in December โ€“ February

Travelling in Rwanda during the months of December, January and February, you will get to realize that the country is relatively dry making it the perfect time for travellers interested in participating in a number of outdoor activities like the primate safaris in Rwanda which will help you track the different species. Activities like gorilla trekking in Rwanda, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park where you will, watch the endangered chimpanzees and golden monkey trekking in Rwanda that will give you the chance to watch the endangered Albertine endemic species. You can also get the chance to participate in tracking the big five animals in Rwanda by participating in the game drives in Akagera national park. You can also visit a beach along lake kivu, you can also participate in the Kigali city tour where you can visit a number of rewarding destinations like the kimironko market, Kigali genocide memorial museum and many other rewarding destinations.

Visiting Rwanda in March

Visiting Rwanda in March is also among the best months to visit in Rwanda this is because of the rains which will give you the opportunity to participate in the gorilla safaris in Rwanda and other activities where you will access to the primates in the wild this is because fruit is readily available which limits the movements of the gorillas and other primates in the wild and this will enable you to access them in the fastest way. The chimpanzees and the gorillas can be seen in the lower areas as they can be normally seen making watching them quite easy.

What Is the Best Month To Visit Rwanda?
Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park 2022

Visiting Rwanda in June โ€“ September

From June to September the months are relatively dry which is the perfect time to participate in a number of events in the country especially out-door events like the gorilla naming ceremony commonly known as the kwita izina. While participating in this activity you will get the chance to understand more about the conservation efforts towards the sustainability of tourism and the endangered mountain gorillas. You will get the chance to watch the new-born gorillas as they are introduced to the people and you will also get the chance to watch influential people like soccer players naming the gorillas names.

Visiting Rwanda in October – November

Visiting Rwanda between October and November you will get exceptional views with clear skies It’s an excellent time for photographers and the ideal period to admire Rwanda’s beautiful mountain scenery

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