What To Pack on Your Rwanda Safari : While you participate in a Rwanda safari, you will have a variety of tourism activities to choose from this is because of a number of tourism attractions that can be seen all over the country from the rolling hills of Rwanda which are sometimes called the alps of Africa by a number of tourists that get to visit the country.

Some of the different activities that can be seen when you visit the country, you can participate in a number of tourism activities like the primate safaris in Rwanda where you will get the chance to participate in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park where you can also get the chance to participate in the canopy walk in Rwanda you will have the chance to take part in hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda participating in the boat cruise on lake Ihema, visiting the musanze caves, visiting  the Kigali genocide memorial museum and many other rewarding activities that you will get to participate in during your Rwanda safari. Interesting about the activities is the fact that you should consider packing the perfect equipment, attire putting in consideration the nature of the country, the social and culture norms, the climate of Rwanda, the intensity of the activities that you’re going to take part in and the nature of the environment in the country and many other factors.

Neutral coloured clothes

For tourists that are interested in visit the national parks in Rwanda to take part in a number of activities like gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, and chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park, the boat cruise in Akagera national park which are breeding groups for tsetse flies and because they are attracted to brightly coloured clothes and dull colours therefore you should consider wearing neutral colours to avoid their bites that can make your gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda, chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda quite uncomfortable which can make your Rwanda safari quite unbearable thus What To Pack on Your Rwanda Safari. You should also consider packing light clothes because it tends to be hot during the day and heavy clothes for the night because it tends to be cold during the night.

Insect repellent

It should be noted that Rwanda is among the countries that are still affected by the problem of mosquitoes whose bites can cause a number of sicknesses like malaria. It should also be noted the fact that in a number of national parks in the park, you can get in contact with a number of disease spreading insects that can cause irritation during the different activities in the country which can make your experience very annoying therefore carry your insect repellent to avoid the bites.

What To Pack on Your Rwanda Safari
What To Pack on Your Rwanda Safari

A camera

You should not miss out on carrying your camera when you visit your Rwanda safari which will give you the chance to see a number of eye catching attractions in the country for an amazing experience during your Rwanda safari.  You will get to see rewarding attractions from the rolling hills in Rwanda, you will get to see interesting features of the mountain gorillas while visiting volcanoes national park to the interesting features of the Iby’iwacu people when you participate in the cultural tours in Rwanda and many other interesting features in the park.

Spare change

You should carry some extra cash with your Rwanda safari because there’s a lot you can get to enjoy when you spend time in the country. With your extra cash, you can visit the Kimironko market and get to purchase some take home souvenirs like the African print fabrics, you can also buy some fresh organic fruits, get to visit some of the restaurants in Kigali city and get to taste some of the most famous traditional dishes of the people of Rwanda, you get to purchase a cup of organic and one of the world’s leading coffee in Rwanda that has won a number of coffee prestigious awards.

Covid-19 prevention requirements

While visiting the country you should also put in mind that although the country is open for tourism, it should be noted that the country has cases of the virus therefore you should always carry a number of items that will help you avoid the spread of the virus and contracting the virus like a number of disposable masks to avoid you from contracting the virus and also spreading the virus to other tourists.

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