Which Country Has The Most Waterfalls In East Africa? East Africa is a usually defined as an easternmost region on the African continent sharing borders with the Indian Ocean to the Eastern side and the Great Rift Valley to the west. This region is commonly visited and famously known for its rich cultural diversity, vibrant history and its stunning landscapes within the surrounding, rugged mountains, cascading rivers, lush forests and all these features contribute a lot towards the creation of waterfalls. East Africa is comprised of several countries such as; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan among others. Therefore, in the essay below; we will explore more about which country stands out as the top because of its abundance of waterfalls.


Uganda, which is often referred to as “the pearl of Africa”, is one of the top tourist destinations that one can ever opt to travel to while on your adventurous safari in East Africa. This country is famously known to be a home to a diverse of stunning landscapes which are dominated and characterized by beautiful features like; expansive savannas, towering mountain ranges and dense forests among others. Uganda is also commonly visited because of its notable waterfall known as Murchison falls, which is located within Murchison, falls national park. The Murchison falls are also ranked to be one of the most powerful in the whole world.

 However, apart from the Murchison falls, this country also boasts many other stunning waterfalls that are scattered in different destinations within the country and some of these include; Bujagali falls, Ripon falls, itanda falls, Aruu falls, Ssezibwa falls, panda falls, Busowoko falls, karuma falls and sipi falls  which are located in the foothills of mount Elgon close to Kapchorwa town and it ranked to be among the top three stunning waterfalls in Uganda which is dominated and surrounded with lush green vegetation and fertile farmlands.


Tanzania is another country, which has a title of having the most powerful waterfalls in East Africa despite the fact of it being famously known for its iconic wildlife species and its majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, which is known as Africa’s highest mountain that stands at an elevated area of about 5,895 meters (19,340 feet). Tanzania boasts a number of several stunning waterfalls and some of these include; Materuni waterfalls that is situated a few kilometers away from Moshi town, Kalambo falls, located in the southwestern region of the country sharing borders with Zambia. More so, Kalambo falls are famously known as the one of the tallest waterfalls in Africa and tourists exploring around these falls are always rewarded with opportunities of capturing classic views of Lake Tanganyika shimmering in the distance. Kalambo falls are also one of the most visited visited falls due to its remote location and dramatic beauty.

Which Country Has The Most Waterfalls In East Africa?
Kalambo falls

However, there are many other falls to see most especially for the intrepid travelers who have their best interests in seeking to explore Tanzania’s wilder side and some of these include; Mount Meru waterfall, Rusomo falls, Materuni waterfalls, Engare sero waterfall, Soni waterfalls, Ndoro waterfalls, Kaporogwe falls, Kinole waterfall, Mwalalo waterfalls among others.


Kenya is also an East African country, which has a fair share of impressive waterfalls and some these include; Thomson’s waterfalls, which are considered as the most famous falls in the country that are situated near Nyahururu town in the central region highlands. More so, another notable waterfall found in Kenya is the Chania falls that are located within Aberdare national park and it is surrounded with lush montane forests and it is famously known as a good spot for bird watchers to visit due to the fact that hosts a variety of birdlife.

Other waterfalls found in Kenya include; Karuru waterfall which is ranked as the highest waterfall in the country staggering in about 273 meters drop in three different stages, Sheldrick falls, Fourteen waterfalls, Lugard’s falls, Kareita cave and waterfall, Chepkiit waterfall, Broderick falls, Kitzanze waterfall, makutano waterfalls and many others.

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