Why Are Gorillas Poached : Gorilla poaching is among the different problems that the tourism industry is facing due to the increased attacks on the species especially the lowland gorillas in Congo and the mountain gorillas that can be found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.  The decreasing numbers of the already endangered gorillas have led to a number of eco scientists that are interested in sustainability tourism for other generations in partnership with a number of tourism organization to find measures on how to combat the problem because of the many reasons that have led to the gorilla to be poached all which to be known while on a Rwanda Safari Tour and these include;

Pet trade

A number of gorillas that are poached in Africa are as a result if the growing numbers of people interested in having the gorillas as pets, a study has shown one of the major reasons why the gorilla number have decreased is because the value for gorilla infants has increased and this is prompted a number of locals to participate in activity in order to generate some income which is quite high compared to the money they get in their petty jobs like; small scale farming where they grow food crops for home consumption which can sometimes not be enough for the large families that they have and this has led to a number of local adopting the more income generating activity which has led to the decrease of the gorilla numbers in the wild.


The fact that gorillas are among the famous primates in the world has also resulted to the increased levels of poaching in the destinations where they can be found. Before they were known all over the world, the gorilla numbers were quite steady and many but with increased awareness it has attracted many rich fellows to participate in poaching because of the need to gain the infants which can be taken to zoos for the rich to acquire money from them and this has encouraged more poachers to take part n the profit making business which in the long run is affecting the gorilla populations in the world. It is because of such acts that led Dian Fossey to destroy a number of poacher’s property as a way to stop them from decreasing the numbers of gorillas in volcanoes national park. Tourists can take part in Dian Fossey hike where you will get to understand the role of the American primatologist in reducing gorilla poaching in Rwanda

Why Are Gorillas Poached
Why Are Gorillas Poached

Easy transportation of parts

The gorilla parts like the limbs, heads are of great value and are highly valued on the black market for smuggled primate parts because they resemble that of human. The gorilla body parts can be easily concealed and transported as a full gorilla which has also led to the number of reasons why gorillas are poached. Once the gorilla parts are sold, they are used as smoking ash trays for the gorilla hands, the heads are displayed in private museum which is quite heart breaking and in the long run has put a threat on the sustainability of the gorillas in the wild.

Political unrest

In areas where there is political unrest for instance in Virunga national park it has led to the increased rates of poaching of the gorillas this is because the park management is unable to control and protect the primate species during attacks in the country. Many gorillas in Virunga national park

Today, a number of government is tightening the measures to avoid the gorillas from being poached and this has contributed to a number of success results whereby a number of gorilla families have given birth and this has increased in the number of gorillas. You can take part in gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park for gorilla trekking in Uganda, for an amazing gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda, you can take part in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park and for gorilla trekking in Congo, you can take part in gorilla trekking in Virunga national park, gorilla trekking in kahuzi biega national park, you can also visit the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage for  an amazing gorilla trekking experience in Africa.

Bush meat

Another reason why gorillas are poached is for consumption purposes, many areas that surround national parks where the gorillas can be found they consume gorilla meat and it is a sign of prestige among the locals which has led the gorillas to be victim of the primitive and ignorant ways of the locals. And because gorilla meat is quite expensive when sold, it has attracted the locals to neglect their daily jobs that earn them little income in order to participate in the more money generating business which has threatened the sustainability of the primate species in the wild.

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